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Taking A Stand


Carlsbad, California

We are the change of guards.
It's time to Guard The Change.

Dear Golden Age Visionaries and Elders,

The reason why I decided to put such a stake to the ground is multifold. In December 2019, I was guided to host the first of eight annual Council meetings during the December Equinox. In eight years from 2019, in the year 2027, we will have concluded the utmost challenging astrological passage of Uranus transversing the House of Taurus, ruled by Venus. This astronomical, galactic, and planetary remodel process is of unprecedented proportions. Known as the Great Awakening of the Milkyway, its ripples effect affects multiverses.

This era has long been prophesized as the Great Reset, the great Overturning. There is a negative Reset (a global, totalitarian AI control system merging GMO humans into an absolute synthetic world) and a positive Reset (a self-governed reemergence of interconnected, galactic HU-MANs). The rulers of the 3rd dimension would rather see everyone and everything go down into their doomsday scenario than give us a fair chance. However, the light has already won in higher dimensions. We just need to step it down and make it through this twisty, windy 4th-dimensional birthing canal. That’s why we have to reverse engineer the future if we don’t want to be caught in history loops and totalitarian backward trends. There will be unbelievable breakdowns on all levels of our society. We will have to summon everything that we have prepared for.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We don’t just have front-row seats watching this glorious evolutionary game play out in front of our multi-dimensional eyes. We also are key players in it. Never again in our lifetime will we have more opportunities to influence our collective and individual timelines directly. By far, the biggest frustrations that the sovereign Star Nations and Galactics have with us humans is the lack of self-governance and a tendency to either idolize or victimize, courtesy of millennia of patriarchy conditioning.

To your Soul Purpose Wealth,

P.S. Check out the 2020 Council and 2021 Council where we optimally prepared ourselves for the world we have woken up in. Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

Who's Called To Be There

The 2023 Council is for Golden Age visionaries to express and share their highest intentions for Earth. As everyone shares their resources, as well as their needs, something magical happens. This Council takes place in a conscious listening field in direct partnership with the unified morphogenetic field. In other words, Gaia Sophia is an active Council member while the quantum universe has our backs.

We’re calling on all New Paradigm Visionaries and Spirit-driven entrepreneurs who want to…

  • RESET your life, your business, and your world to lead with greater purpose
  • EXPAND your horizon, explore your edges, and go on a spiritual adventure
  • RECEIVE a new dream and along with it, the inner knowing and alignment
  • EXPERIENCE the power and magnificence of sacred ceremonies and rituals
  • LEARN spiritual tools to create what truly is in your highest good
  • RAISE your wealth frequency exponentially and manifest money with ease
  • SHIFT your everyday lifestyle and create more health, wealth, joy, and happiness
  • CALL IN your Beloved to help you live, enjoy and fulfill your purpose
  • CREATE meaningful alliances with your soul family and have a total blast
  • ALIGN with greater congruency on all levels and in all dimensions

New Earth Stewardship requires extraordinary humility. This is not your typical who’s who expert retreat. There are some highly experienced elders, sages, as well as younger Souls who are deeply invested in their children’s future. This is not about celebrities and egos. The Council is about representing yourself on behalf of humanity. Momentum is building and the constellation is building up very beautifully.

What will We Accomplish

We gather as Council Elders on the organic timeline to bring the puzzle pieces together and strengthen our stance. We know that in coming together alone lies a majestic potential. As we re-MEMBER who are at core level, we reassemble our own vastly fragmented consciousness that has been spread over multiple dimensions, timelines, and possibly even multiverses.

When we GATHER together, this very reassemblance and remembrance is pure gold. Together we have access to the infinite Creator Code and can complete sequences that otherwise would not be able to reinstated. This is where our Galactic Trinity Council hosts come in as anchors and conduits.

For the 2023 Council Retreat, we have installed a Trinity circuitry. We are delighted to welcome our Galactic Timekeeper Tata Jose for the second time in our annual Council gatherings. Tata Jose is a world-renowned expert in the Sixth Sun Cosmology, meaning he has the rare keys to the new Mayan calendar since the old Toltec calendar has ended on 12/21/2012. Tata Jose played a crucial role in the 2021 Council Retreat during the great conjunction.

We are overjoyed to be graced by the magnificent the Galactic Goddess Incarnate, Radha Nilla, who will be in our circle with her amazing mother, Maya Verzonilla, a 4th generation Lemurian Shaman. Radha will support the Council with powerful DNA activations and a journey into the heart of the creator. Following the retreat, there will be a unique Soul story telling opportunity for Council members. 

I myself am the third pillar. My primary function is to facilitate the gathering and to give everyone ample time and space to share their wisdom. My joy lies in the orchestration and synchronization of unique visionaries to celebrate everyone’s individuality and the liberation of our innate golden HU-MAN-ity.

We are joined by exceptional, highest-caliber master teachers and Soul Guides. Each Council member could host their own weekend retreat in their sleep, and it would be magnificent! The Aquarian experiment however, is centered around the question ‘how can I contribute to your creation.’ We are committed to co-creating together and thus producing something exponentially greater than the sum of all participant’s expertise.

That’s the invitation, the premise, and the promise. That’s how our annual Council Retreats are always perfection in motion moment by moment. We are honored to welcome you on board – whether in person or virtually.

Meet Your Galactic Trinity Council Hosts

Tata José Federico Ajpu Muñoz

Galactic Time Keeper · Cosmic Medicine Man

Tata Jose is a Time Keeper, spiritual guide, and ceremonial leader of the Mayan Chor’Ti people. He is the carrier of the 26,000-year cycle calendar known as the Sixth Sun Calendar which started at the turn of the cycle on December 22nd, 2012, and the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529.

He has been dedicated to world peace since 1990 and works with several other peace groups. As Tata Jose says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”. Jose’s mission includes speaking to audiences raising awareness of the Global transformational events coming to Humanity on the Path to 2036 and bringing the Sixth Sun Mayan Calendars schools of thought.

As a Mayan Time Keeper, Tata Jose carries a great responsibility. He knows the mathematics of the future. As such, he knows that the next decade is going to be challenging for humanity. Using the sacred ways of the Mayan traditions, you can use this navigation map to embrace all of who you are – where you come from, where you are NOW, and where you go from here. Learn more at

Radhaa Nilia

Galactic Goddess · Soul Initiator

Radhaa Nilia is the curator of the Awakening Starseeds Book series. She is a multimedia artist, coach, healer, teacher and works with women to activate their inner Goddess, heal their heart and soul wounds to find their higher purpose at Goddess Code Academy™. Goddess Code Academy™ is a mystical school for the divine feminine where she provides certification programs and teaches her original healing modality called Goddess Activations™ and Goddess Code™. Radhaa is the founder of Radhaa Publishing House and a contributing writer for various online magazines such as Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Splash Magazine. 

Radhaa Publishing House is a holistic publishing company that focuses on helping heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling authors get their work out into the world. Her focus is on collaborative book series and memoirs. She thrives on supporting her authors throughout this journey, empowering them to step into their divine and authentic voice while sharing their truth with the world and celebrating cultural diversity from around the world. Find Radhaa at

Sabine Messner

Soul Family Gatherer · Stargate Navigator 

Sabine Messner is a visionary Futurist and 5D Business Consultant, showing individuals how to enterprise their higher calling. Combining her new paradigm branding approach with her cutting-edge strategic guidance, Sabine turns seemingly ordinary leaders and professionals into extraordinary luminaries who are thriving as sacred stewards and entrepreneurs alike.

On a collective level, Sabine’s work assists in the awakening of humanity and the planet by liberating and anchoring the Prosperity Consciousness locked in the human potential. She believes for peace to prevail, people must become sovereign leaders of their destiny, including freeing themselves financially.

Blending her 30+ years of experience and education in the fields of arts, visual communication, and marketing with her extensive studies of cross-cultural energy modalities, Sabine’s approach is as much enlightening and profoundly empowering as it is down to earth. Sabine holds an M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts and is the founder and creator of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth™.

Meet Our Honorary Council Elder

Honorary Lemurian Council Elder

Maya The Shaman

4th Generation Lemurian Shaman · Cosmic Records Keeper

Maya The Shaman is a Lemurian master healer, medicine woman, and the creator of the Infinite Cosmic Records™, an offshoot of her original modality Lemurian Code Healing™. She is a fourth-generation shaman born in Los Baños, Laguna, in the Philippines, which is a remnant of the ancient lost continent of Lemuria. Her healing method was derived from her lineage and spiritual practice of meditation.

Maya takes her clients to experience their personal past, present to future lives through her Infinite Cosmic Records — timeline method that awakens healing and remembering. Certified in other modalities such as Yoga and meditation instructor, Advanced Theta healing, and Reike, Maya continued her journey in the healing realm, remembering and deepening her own Shamanic Energetic Signature, thereby developing her unique healing modalities she now use with her clients: Lemurian Code Healing™ and Infinite Cosmic Records™. Maya’s book “Infinite Cosmic Records™” will be released at the end of 2021.

a 5D Retreat Location to Support Our Intentions


Meeting In Sacred Space

The in-person 2023 Council retreat is a 3-day immersion in the sacred space of fellow Council members. We arrive in the afternoon of Sunday, November 6th. Sunday evening is all about settling in and taking it easy.

Monday, November 7th, is the day the Council gathers. On this day, we will also be joined live by our virtual Council members. The Council retreat hours are approximately 11 AM PST-7 PM PST/ 2-9 PM EST, depending on how many participants we have. Tata Jose will guide us through a powerful Cacao Ceremony to open up the space. For additional details, see the Virtual Council Retreat information below.

Tuesday, November 8th, will be our in-person retreat highlight! This is where we get to play, exchange mutual healing and intel, go on beach walks, or enjoy spa treatments. Check-out time is Wednesday, November 9th, at 10 AM.

Our retreat philosophy is all about creating free flow and spaciousness to respond to the needs and opportunities in the moment. A huge asset is building special friendships with other Council members as we enter the ascension protocol’s most turbulent passage.


Cozy Atmosphere and Delicious Dining

The genius thing about our cozy Carlsbad resort is that while it has a 5-star flair, it’s like coming home to our own private sanctuary. Our quiet villas adjunct to a championship golf course and provide a secluded high-end feel with private entrances, balconies, and patios. We have currently reserved three villas sleeping up to 22 Council members.

The resort features three outdoor pools, four hot tubs, a gym, and a fire pit area. A luxurious spa is within walking distance, so are two of Southern California’s finest restaurants featuring soothing and relaxed ambiance with glowing fire pits and sweeping vistas of the Carlsbad coastline. Their award-winning menu includes Mediterranean-inspired entrees, seasonal salads, fire-oven pizzas, and gourmet burgers.

Council members can take advantage of a complimentary resort shuttle bringing them from and to various venues.


Soul Family Reunion

To keep the in-person retreat ticket as accessible as possible, we are not including any food, only the highly discounted accommodation cost. This makes it easy for Council members to cultivate their own food choices, as we have the full range from breatharian, Keto, vegan, and everything in-between. Council members can choose between close by gourmet restaurants or creating their shared dinners, potluck style!

Council members are staying at one of the spacious 1,216 sq ft villas we have reserved. Each villa is a 3-bedroom/3-bathroom scenic-view suite with a private patio or balcony. Each bedroom has its own luxurious bathroom. Depending on the room type, bathrooms feature either a standalone shower, a soaker tub, a steam shower, or standard shower/tub combinations.

Each villa features a fully equipped gourmet kitchen with upgraded finishes and furniture, stainless steel appliances, plus a washer/dryer. A separate dining room area and generous living room with a fireplace provide a cozy space for connecting and relaxing. 


The Golden Coast Of Carlsbad

We get asked, why did you pick Carlsbad as the location for this Council gathering? The answer is simple. California is the Golden State. A promise was made. The promise of the Golden Age. California represents this promise. We call on this promise and remember who we truly are in the heart of Carmel Valley, the sweetest, most gentle, and perhaps most precious gem of the Pacific Coast.

Located North of San Diego, the historic city of Carlsbad is known as the Flower Capital of the U.S. Carlsbad is famous for being a blooming garden paradise featuring scenic panoramic views wherever you look. Surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches, high-end shopping, and world-class golf resorts, it’s has remained quaint and charming.

Carlsbad provides the perfect soothing and elegant backdrop for the intentions we’re seeding for 2023 and beyond. It is topped off by the beautiful, bountiful holiday flair that is all around.

Choose Your Accommodation

Sunday, November 6 – Tuesday, November 8, 2022
3 Nights for 1 Council Member


**Meals are not included. Participants are encouraged to bring their own food. The resort offers various restaurant options within walking distance.

Sunday, November 6 – Tuesday, November 8, 2022
3 Nights For 1 Council Member


*Shared private king bed suites are for couples or friends sharing one king bed. If you’re a couple or friends sharing one bed, please register separately.

**Meals are not included. Participants are encouraged to bring their own food. The resort offers various restaurant options within walking distance.

Can't attend In Person? Join us virtually!

2023 COUNCIL VIRTUAL RETREAT Monday, November 7, Noon-7 PM PST/ 2-9 PM EST
Council Sessions via Zoom

Gathering and Sharing In Sacred Space

On the foundation of an impeccable energy support system and high vibrational practices, we witness each Council member as they are ingeniously and generously sharing their unique perspective, insights, and intel for 2022, and beyond. Each Council member has their own breakout room to present their message, whether it's a visual presentation, a speech, or an in-the-moment channeled download. Our conversational thread guides us in between breakout rooms as we connect the dots and organically create synchronicity and synergy.

Council members will receive the valuable recording of their presentation, which they can use on their own platforms. Many Council members will use this collective incubation space to crystallize their message and further their leadership as we enter into the New Year.

Co-Creating Ceremonial Synergy

We enter into an all-day ceremonial space. Starting the day with an ample amount of personal sharing and deepening of the unified awareness and resonance that is arising, we are guided by our Higher Selves and our guides to bring our contributions and intentions into the energetic realm. Mayan Timekeeper Tata Jose Ajpu Muñoz conducts a virtual cacao ceremony. Galactic Goddess Radha Nilia facilitates powerful DNA activations.

Virtual Council Reunion

Our retreats are known to create a tremendous amount of high vibe energy and have ignited friendships for life! That's why usually everyone wants to come back together after we had time to integrate. For me personally, it's very joyous to host these follow-up gatherings which are pure celebrations of the human life family coming together.


Called To Participate?

Are you called to participate but have questions and want to make sure that it is a fit? Let’s talk!

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