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Beloved New Paradigm Visionary,

If you have landed today on this retreat page, it’s a sign of the Universe. We are at an unprecedented threshold that has been long anticipated and foretold. It is paramount that we activate our Co-Creator codes now as we otherwise fall into a vacuum. We can’t just be watching a movie. It’s time we write the script ourselves and step on the stage!

The 5D LIFE Retreat delivers customized, calibrated support in an aligned community. There’s an art to collaboration. It’s one of my superpowers to facilitate co-creation powerfully. Add to that, my soul-sight and strategic positioning abilities, which have always allowed me to see many years into the future, guiding people to their highest destiny.

Allow yourself to feel the expansion in a sacred, luxurious environment. If your Soul invites you to accept this timely invitation, we’d love to welcome you to see the bigger picture, remove the limitations, and liberate your greatness. 

It’s high time we come together to…

  • Activate the original divine blueprint
  • Check on the validity of all the brand and business aspects
  • Strip away what’s no longer updated and serves
  • Download a new vision
  • Hone in and perfect your life’s work
  • Fine-tune and perfect your business model using Human Design
  • Release everything exhausting and depleting
  • Reinvent and reposition
  • Retrieve and start again or start entirely new from scratch

I can’t wait to co-create with you at the 5D LIFE Retreat! Let’s schedule a time for us to connect. 

To your Soul Purpose Wealth,

“I've spent the last 15 years struggling to communicate my life's work. In just two VIP sessions, you've shown me how all the puzzle pieces fit together elegantly. I love my new brand umbrella, which holds all my services and evolving projects. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.”
Founder of LETS, a non-profit organization ending human trafficking

Who's Called To Be At The 5D LIFE Retreat

The 5D LIFE Retreat is designed for New Paradigm Visionaries who want to activate their divine Soul Purpose blueprint. The 5D LIFE Retreat takes place in a conscious listening field in direct partnership with the unified morphogenetic field. We’re coming together to be heard and seen from the 5th dimensional perspective so we can be and do all that we came here to achieve. 

We’re calling on heart-centered leaders who want to…

  • EXPAND from where they are in their life and business
  • RELEASE what no longer serves them in their life and business
  • RECEIVE a new dream and along with it, the inner knowing and alignment
  • EXPERIENCE the power and magnificence of sacred co-creation
  • RETRIEVE core essential aspects of your message and business
  • REINVENT your business model and/or lifetstly
  • CREATE a higher level blueprint
  • WRITE the content that you have not been able to articulate
  • DISTILL your life’s work in a way that it can be heard and seen
  • CREATE meaningful alliances with your soul family and have a total blast
  • ALIGN with greater congruency on all levels and in all dimensions
  • CELEBRATE your Soul Journey with people who get it
  • AWAKEN to new perspectives and insights

a 5D Retreat Location to Support Our Intentions


The Golden Coast Of Carlsbad

We picked Carlsbad as the location for the 5D LIFE Retreat because it is a scenic yet laidback gem that will naturally uplevel your wealth frequency. Carlsbad lies at the heart of Carmel Valley, the sweetest, most gentle, and perhaps most precious jewel of the Pacific Coast. It’s the perfect place to unwind and relax to your bigger EMERGE vision.

Located only 20 minutes North of San Diego, the historic city of Carlsbad is known as the Flower Capital of the U.S. Carlsbad is famous for being a blooming garden paradise featuring scenic panoramic views wherever you look. Surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches, high-end shopping, and world-class golf resorts, it’s has remained quaint and charming.

Carlsbad provides the perfect, elegant and soothing backdrop for our creations and intentions. What’s more, the flower fields will be in full bloom just as we are blooming into our Becoming.


Luxurious Ambiance and Cozy Dining

We have proudly reserved the most high-end Penthouse Villa that the resort has to offer. This is where we will be meeting for our daily sessions. It will give us the perfect luxurious ambiance to support our expansion from the inside out.

All 5d LIFE Retreat participants will have private bedrooms with luxurious bathrooms and access to a shared gourmet kitchen and living room. 5D LIFE VIP participants will enjoy their own master bedroom suites with steam showers or jacuzzi tubs at the Penthouse Villa.

The genius thing about our cozy Carlsbad resort is that while it has a 5-star flair, it’s like coming home to our private sanctuary. Our quiet villas adjunct a championship golf course and provide a secluded high-end feel with private entrances, balconies, and patios. 

The resort features three outdoor pools, four hot tubs, a gym, and a fire pit area. A luxurious spa is within walking distance, so are two of Southern California’s finest restaurants featuring soothing and relaxed ambiance with glowing fire pits and sweeping vistas of the Carlsbad coastline. Their award-winning menu includes Mediterranean-inspired entrees, seasonal salads, fire-oven pizzas, and gourmet burgers.

To keep the in-person retreat ticket as accessible as possible, we do not include daily meals as most participants have special dietary preferences such as Keto, vegan, or vegetarian. Retreat participants can choose between nearby restaurants or have fun in their gourmet kitchen at the villa.

5D LIFE Retreat participants can take the complimentary resort shuttle bringing them from and to various venues around the vast resort property.

Meet Your Soul Purpose Brand and Business Midwife


Sabine Messner

New Paradigm Visionary · Human Design Soul Activator 

Sabine Messner is a New Paradigm Visionary and 5D Business Consultant, assisting awakening leaders in thriving as heart-based entrepreneurs and sacred stewards alike. She activates her client’s Soul’s blueprint and illuminates their purpose so they can set themselves free – spiritually, financially, and emotionally. Sabine’s approach is said to be equally enlightening as it is down-to-earth.

An award-winning Wired Magazine Web Designer, Sabine blends 30+ years in Arts, Visual Communication, and Marketing with her extensive indigenous, cross-cultural Energy Modalities studies. She holds an M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts and is the founder of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth®.

Sabine’s latest book collaborations are “Stop Overworking And Start Overflowing – 25 Ways To Transform Your Life Using Human Design” and ‘Awakening Star Seeds Vol. 3 – Activating The Dream.” She has also been published in “Sole To Soul,” “The SuperWoman Entrepreneur,” and “The Live Sassy Formula.”

Unless she holds international Soul Purpose Wealth retreats or travels to new destinations, you can find her with her beloved Soul Mate husband and their Toyger cat son at their beautiful home sanctuary in Phoenix, Arizona.

What The 5D LIFE Retreat Entails

The 5D LIFE Retreat

2023 dates to be announced soon!

The 5D LIFE Retreat begins on Friday at 5 PM with introductions and intention setting. Saturday will be all about activating your 5D business quantum field with lots of journaling, visioning, and energetic anchoring. 

Sunday is all about nuts and bolts and finding the squeaky wheels. Since we all have different situations, challenges, and opportunities, we will alternate between group sessions and partner sessions to illuminate blind spots, hidden potentials, and wealth creation opportunities. Be amazed! 

Our 5D LIFE Retreat program starts at 10 AM and concludes at 6 PM. Because we are a small intimate group of 8-10 people, we will cater to the needs of the individuals for food and rejuvenation breaks. Beach walks, and fireplace chats are evening highlights. 

To keep the in-person retreat ticket as accessible as possible, we do not include any meal catering. 5D LIFE Retreat Participants are welcome to bring their own food. We provide spring water, coffee, teas, fruits, and snacks. In the evenings, participants can choose between close-by restaurants or create their healthy dinners, potluck style. 

5D LIFE Retreat participants are staying at one of our spacious 2- or 3-bedroom villas. Each villa features a fully equipped gourmet kitchen with a private patio or balcony. A separate dining room area and generous living room provide a cozy space for connecting and relaxing. 

5D LIFE Retreat participants can choose from two room options. We have four private king or queen bed suites and two twin beds at a lesser cost. 

3 Glorious 5D LIFE Retreat Days · Private Suite




2023 dates to be announced soon!

The 5D LIFE VIP Upgrade is designed for clients who are ready to launch (or relaunch) themselves in a big way and want to return from this retreat with complete clarity, solid integration, and clear action steps. The VIP Upgrade extends the 5D LIFE Retreat experience by two additional days, during which you have my full attention. There are only two spots available.

The 5D LIFE VIP Upgrade includes hands-on content and service offering creation, marketing-launch strategies, or anything else you may need assistance with and want to lean into my trusted expertise and know-how. Whether content or design-related, we remove all roadblocks so you can take off unhinderedly with your ultimate vision.

In addition to this immense practical support, you will also receive emotional-energetic integration support via a Quantum Healing Health Analysis, as well as an Unstoppable Healing fascia clearing session from my husband, Leslie Allyn.

We begin our collaboration on Wednesday evening with a beautiful dinner at the resort, followed by a juicy 5D Creation Flow day on Thursday. You will also have plenty of time for relaxation, such as receiving spa treatment or going for a nature walk.

5 Luxurious Retreat Days in the Penthouse 


“It’s such holy work you’re doing. I am finally free to be myself.”

"I realized it’s not any longer about my business, it’s finally about my Soul, having the freedom to bring into the world what I’m meant to be here. Even though it’s about a business brand, I discovered in EMERGE that it goes way beyond. There are a lot of things different now in my business but what is more important is I’m different and that is so priceless.”
Sylvia Becker-Hill
Founder of The Becker-Hill Empowerment School
“I signed up my first $8,000 client with only one email! Every time I work with Sabine, I move forward."​

"I've worked with Sabine twice. The first time I did an online retreat, which led me to claim my purpose, create my websites with images, colors, and fonts. I did my first photoshoot, too.

The second time, in 2019, I signed up for her EMERGE program, where Sabine supported me in making one of the most significant leaps of my life, and that is to quit my job and do my spiritual mission full time. Sabine also helped me share my true story, define my signature programs, and streamline my website, so my offers finally make sense. She is a wordsmith!

I feel more aligned with my soul purpose and am ready to launch my signature program 'Answer Your Call' because of Sabine's expertise and dedication to success. Thanks so much, Sabine."
EMERGE Testimonial Bonnie McCulley
Bonnie McCulley
Founder of Your Sacred Power
“To step into Sabine’s EMERGE program was the best decision I've ever made."

“Sabine’s leadership and exceptional gut sense when it comes to capturing my energy, and the energy of my brand, coupled with her uncompromising belief in my entrepreneurial success, was of immeasurable importance and value.

Since working with Sabine, I’ve found my voice and fully embodied my brand. I’ve set up an amazing website reflecting my personality and offerings. I’ve spoken as a keynote speaker, launched 3 successful workshops and 2 VIP signature programs and am making more money than in all of my previous years combined.

I’m living my mission, and am so looking forward to many more successes with Reality Riders in the years to come.”
Sabine Messner Client Testimonial Claudia Conradin
Claudia Conradin
Founder of Reality Riders Coaching
“Sabine is a great partner and a true champion. I couldn't help but have faith in myself, keep going, and achieve my goals. That's all because of her."

“When I started working with Sabine, I had no idea how far she could take me. I had total certainty about my abilities and what I had to offer, but no confidence in creating a business. I didn't know what that entailed, all I knew that's what I wanted.

In partnership with Sabine, I got more than what I bargained for. I not only got somebody who has practical information, but I also got somebody who was able to look deeply into me, see me in the future, and show me how to get there. She gave me the practical tools, the punch list, but also taught me how to grow into the vision that she helped me create for myself and my business.

Sabine created such a potent container and has such enthusiasm that she got me through my procrastination, my doubts, and through all my growth periods. I can't say enough about how she has contributed to my success now and in the future. I'm going to keep working with her.”
EMERGE Testimonial Lynn
Lynn DeMartini
Founder of Badass Light Warrior Arts
"Beg, borrow, put it on your credit card."

"EMERGE is a foundational, transformative, and powerful work that will cut off years of your path. I have three words for you—Do It Now."
Lindy MacLaine
Author & Artist
Called to be at The 5D LIFE Retreat?

Want to participate but make sure it’s a fit? Let’s talk!

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