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Designed for thought leaders and high-end entrepreneurs
who want to create high impact transformation

Design your future with precision soul alignment

So many of my private clients send me texts or start their coaching calls with statements like this: “You won’t believe what just happened.” or “I can’t believe what’s been happening since our last session. Where do I begin?” or “We were just talking about this, and here it is.” or “I’m still buzzing with excitement. I can’t believe it’s happening!”

Pinch me, but last time I checked, this is a pretty regular occurrence in my life as a visionary futurist. If I don’t hear these kinds of reality-shifting updates, I dig in deeper because this is what I want to produce in the lives of my VIP clients. Those statements of disbelief are the sounds of unbridled joy and rapid manifestation. That’s the giggling sound of dreams coming true and people finding their groove, at last.

Welcome to ASCEND.

ASCEND is designed for thought leaders and high-end entrepreneurs who want to create high impact transformation, both in their personal lives and in the world at large. ASCEND is for you if you have already created financial freedom and success, and now want to refine your message and brand, finetune with whom you work, and why. It is definitely for you if you’re clear that it’s time to uplevel your offerings, your business model, your lifestyle, your marriage, and only collaborate with vibrationally intune clients and partners. Or uplevel to the next big mission. Or have an ambitious goal and are looking for an energy bodyguard.

ASCEND is also for you if you want to focus on yourself, your health, and your spiritual well being. Whatever your personal goals are, ASCEND gets you into your highest alignment so you can reach your next potential and lift off from there. As much as it’s about taking off and doing great things, it’s also a grand homecoming. It’s about returning into your heart of hearts and starting with the end in mind. Wholeness.

ASCEND is an exclusive, high-touch VIP co-creation partnership between myself and you, a select individual, committed to making the inner and outer shifts necessary to transport yourself into a higher state of being while elevating your physical world at the same time. It is fully customized to your specific needs, wants, and desires. Without any preset outlines or complicated and unnecessary program structures, it offers the most elegant, efficient, and effective process to achieve your desired results quickly and precisely with the divine assistance of your soul. We dive straight in and get it done.

ASCEND is a multi-dimensional integration process between your everyday self, your Higher Self, and God. For example, you may sign up for one thing, and simultaneously something entirely different is happening that might even be better than what you originally envisioned and intended. Case in point, over the years, I’ve seen many of my clients meet the love of their life during our Soul Purpose Branding process. Coincidence? At first, I thought so too, but then it kept on happening.

Today, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that receiving answers to your heart’s desires and long-time prayers, is a common side effect of incorporating your soul into your life. Often, it’s almost like there’s a manifestation backlog. When we start doing the soul alignment process, it’s all coming in at once, like hitting the Jackpot. It certainly makes for a genuinely enlivening and enriching coaching experience, that’s for sure!

This is why ASCEND is also for you if you want to shift out of your mental conditioning (which is to some degree always limiting), raise your current frequencies, and discover a brand new world inside of yourself. However, it’s not just an inner journey. It’s about the bridge between the inner and the outer, that sweet spot between the spiritual and material planes. It’s about your soul impacting your environment, your body, your relationships, your work and business, your home – the whole nine yards. 

ASCEND is about liberating yourself thoroughly, even from the mindset and success doctrines that have gotten you to who and where you are today. It’s the switch from success as an often elusive mental construct to a daily felt experience of freedom and connection. It’s like going on a voyage to a land that lies beyond your current horizons and arriving some place really extraordinary and beautiful.

ASCEND is my way to make myself available to co-create with those individuals with whom I have a divine appointment at this crucial time of enormous up-leveling on the planet. It’s a sacred dance between you, me, and God (Source, the universe) that has brought us together.

I trust us explicitly.

Select from the following ASCEND a la carte options

Freedom and Wealth Creation

Wherever you are on the income spectrum, we all reach certain manifestation thresholds where things just don’t seem to be moving forward because the issue lies somewhere else. I’ve assisted multi-millionaires in shifting timelines into a higher stratosphere. And helping lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to get over the notorious 6-figure glass ceiling is my daily bread and butter. Let’s keep breaking limits!

Legacy Upleveling

The dilemma many successful individuals are often facing is that they didn’t have the time or emotional bandwidth to heal and mend rifts, pains, misunderstandings, separations – in short, the saga of multi-generational patterns and stories. Healing on a soul level takes place in the time-space continuum, which means it expands into all directions, the past, the future, and the present moment. Worth the investment alone.

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to assist individuals during times of challenging health crises, even at the brink of death. As a soul communicator, I can help you get to the underlying issues and resolve them while embracing the life-affirming healing journey to the best of your abilities. Beyond word of mouth, this is the first time that I’m publicly announcing this service to expand my realm of assistance.

Epigenetic Awakening

Going through the epigenetic awareness process with me is epic. It’s accelerated awakening with laser precision. Diving deep into your Human Design sets the foundation for us to get to know each other while launching you into a higher soul embodiment. It also allows me to help you integrate and activate your destiny map so you can maximize the hidden joy and genius potential in your DNA using specific Gene Key activations.

Transcending From 3D to 5D

Incorporating 5D quantum insights is absolutely crucial, especially since so many people are ready to exit 3D, or have already exited it before transcending into 5D. 3D is the mental plane ruled by linear time, which keeps us looping in the mind matrix. 4D is an integration puzzle. 5D is living in the heart and the body. It’s a much more natural, connected, and relaxed way of relating. It’s an up-leveling of all of your relations.

Creative Collaboration

My creative brain is an evident and undeniable asset to bring to the table of any visionary business leader, CEO, thought leader as well as fellow creatives. I can assist you in creating a brand from scratch or uplevel an existing one, lend you my conceptual and strategic communication abilities to bring your company’s mission and vision on point, or help you design a gorgeous website. There’s a ton of experience and adaptability here.

Bringing the bigger picture down to earth.

Whether you are in a personal crisis and want to jump to a higher and happier timeline, or whether you are a rising star and want to collaborate with me on elevating your wealth frequency and up-leveling your online presence, your multi-dimensional empowerment is guaranteed. I assist you in integrating aspects that you’ve disassociated yourself from, maybe even since childhood, and together we dial in your ultimate destiny trajectory. The difference in working with me is, I do not channel, nor do I interfere with or fix your situation. Nevertheless, tangible, evolutionary shifts are taking place within your being. As a result, your entire world is changing, but you are the one who’s 100% in charge. There are no emotional or energetic dependencies. You are beautifully and elegantly supported in your sovereignty.

To start the ASCEND process, we get on the phone and assess your intentions, goals, and put a customized VIP package for you. Depending on our agreement, ASCEND can be completed in just a few short weeks, while in other cases, it might take a couple of months with a maximum of 6 months. Some VIP arrangements may involve me working on-site with you and your team. Since I can only work with a few VIP clients at a time, there may be a waiting period. So if you’re thinking of partnering, definitely reach out and let’s get the process going. Here are three examples of ASCEND packages:

ASCEND · Uplevel Your Being, Brand and Income
  • Human Design Soul Activation
  • 5D Frequency Alignment and Business Adjustments
  • Aligned High-End Offer Creation
  • Higher Vibrational Sales Conversion
  • Increase Launch Manifestations
ASCEND · DNA Calibrated Soul Purpose Branding®
  • Human Design Soul Activation
  • Brand Name Strategy, incl. trademark worthy premium .com domains
  • Brand Design
  • Website Site Design
  • Done for you with my hands-on art direction and team
ASCEND · Heal Your Core, Destiny and Lineage
  • Human Design Soul Activation
  • 5D Frequency Alignment
  • Core Healing
  • Lineage Healing
  • Includes ticket to a Soul Purpose Wealth Retreat of your choice
Intrigued? Let’s find out if we have a soul appointment and the right chemistry to create awesomeness. When you fill out the questionnaire we’ll schedule a no strings-attached discovery call. I look forward to exploring what has you excited about our co-creation and your vision of Soul Purpose Wealth.