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The Feminine Money Shadow And The Four Survival Archetypes

Soul Purpose Wealth
Financially empowered women are crucial for the positive evolution of this planet. They are essential for the welfare of people, the sanity of the financial systems, and all socio-ecological and cultural migrations and integrations. However, there is one problem.

Currently, in the U.S., 83% of all purchasing decisions are made by women. Women decide how the money gets spent and where it flows. However, too many women today are still underearning, undercharging or have unsustainable spending patterns, leaving them often overexposed, dependent and disempowered. The bottom line is, we’re mostly not making big money. We’re mostly spending it.

Like it or not, money is the answer that women have been denied for centuries, and are still denying themselves through ignorance and resistance around entering and playing the “money game.” Since generations, women have been “trained to lack.” From self-esteem and confidence to financial savviness and commitment to go after their wealth. I call it “deservability.” Women want it handed over on a silver platter, or we are accustomed to surviving on bare minimums, or both — all too familiar yo-yo patterns. Either way, we make it all look pretty for looking pretty is the way we roll.

So we roll. We roll over. We roll into … beds, jobs, relationships. We keep on rolling and smiling and looking all pretty. 

The universe will provide; it always does, a provider always shows ups. Don’t look at the bills and the debt and the lack of future security. Pretend it’s not happening. Focus only on what you want, which brings us back to the silver platter. It’s always the silver platter, preferably with a silver spoon since we don’t know what else we want. We don’t know what we want because we don’t know who we are and what we are capable of. It’s a really pretty picture, courtesy of two-thousand years of patriarchy.

Ladies, we can’t wait for another two or three generations to possibly, eventually, bring things into balance. We can blow past these old obstacles and rise to our potential once and for all. We can do so by illuminating the Feminine Money Shadows held in the collective unconsciousness of the female condition. Shockingly this is a global phenomenon.

So what is the Feminine Money Shadow, and how can we heal it?

Firstly, let’s understand the Feminine Money Shadow. There are four main shadow strands, and they are deeply intertwined. I realized this when I recently revisited the Four Archetypes of Survival, as coined by our beloved badass spiritual teacher Carolyn Myss.

The Four Archetypes of Survival are The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, and The Saboteur.

What do you notice right off the bat? They are all deeply conditioned female survival patterns that have become a world-wide collective system in which we women operate in. I would even go as far as saying that as women, we have cultivated these Four Archetypes of Survival and carry them out as part of our “feminine identity.” We have camouflaged the shadow and made it our pride. Out of century-long survival, we have indeed thoroughly identified with these behaviors and taught them to our daughters. It’s time we start to unravel the deep conditioning.

So let’s look at the Four Archetypes of Survival as Carolyn Myss defines them:

The Child Archetype comes in different flavors. The Wounded Child, Abandoned or Orphan Child, Dependent, Innocent, the Nature Child, and the Divine Child. While they all vary in expression, all Child aspects have one thing in common: dependency vs. responsibility.

The Victim Archetype is the classic female “rescue me from my abusive fill-in-the-blank.” It plays directly into the provider and protector role of the stronger sex, the traditional male. “Here, let me take care of you, you poor thing.” With the Victim Archetype, we initially get love and support in the form of material or financial help, sympathy, or pity. No worries, it’s all taken care of. We’re safe and cared for. However, underneath the Victim feels always taken advantage of, and it’s never their fault. Therefore, sooner or later, the rescuer becomes the perpetrator, and the pattern repeats itself.

The Prostitute Archetype is, in my personal opinion, the classic path of a woman who’s financially and emotionally dependent. Carolyn says: “We prostitute ourselves when we sell our bodies or minds for money or when we compromise our morals and ethics for financial gain. That may include remaining in a marriage or job that endangers our well being for reasons of financial security.” At the core of the Prostitute Archetype lies the need for self-respect and dignity. On a deeper, spiritual level, it is the quest for integrity and impeccability.

The Saboteur Archetype is all about deeply ingrained fears and low self-esteem causing us to make choices that block our empowerment and success, often repeatedly. We get to a particular threshold and then sabotage ourselves and fall back. The female Saboteur Archetype is also excellent at undermining her masculine caretaker and provider. It’s not just self-sabotage. It’s sabotage of loved ones – anything to not having to face certain truths within oneself.

Carolyn Myss has put together brilliant questions to help us identify if a victim pattern is still active in us. You can check it out here… The Four Archetypes of Survival

However, and this is the million-dollar question, spiritual awareness alone is not going to move the needle. More than a decade after The Secret movie and all the talking about limiting money beliefs, money mindset, abundance codes, the Law of Attraction, etc., etc., the financial reality of women is still not where it needs to be. Not by a long shot.

Women also have a long way to go when it comes to financial investments and passive income – two foreign concepts to the female brain. What’s more, playing in the stock markets by taking calculated risks is still the #1 taboo zone for women and an entire uncharted territory. Yet, it’s our very own intuition that is at the heart of those gains!

We’re not going to create it by sitting on a meditation pillow envisioning it. Otherwise, we’d be all surrounded by prosperous yogi millionaires. Tragically, that’s not the case. We need to back up our inner awareness and growth with action and financial empowerment. And for that, we need community, we need a tribe, and we need integrated support. It truly takes a village.

We know from past experiences that even with the right information, women tend to feel paralyzed in taking action. That’s why we have to train to trust ourselves, especially when it comes to our personal intuition around money. We can’t wait for another two or three generations to possibly, eventually, shift out of these patterns. We can blow past these old obstacles now and rise to our wealth potential. Out of the money shadows, once and for all, and the time is now.

This is where my life’s mission comes into the picture. Blending Human Design with 25 years of marketing and business skills, I create emotionally and energetically supportive environments in which women emerge with sovereignty and aligned money strategies for lasting, financial prosperity. If you know this is your time to ascend into a new stratosphere way beyond your current income into the high 6- or 7-figures, then I’d like to be your catalyst. Let’s build a 5D business around your soul’s calling. This is our time to rise up.

And if it’s your time to break through the 6-fig threshold once and for all and never look back, I’d love to assist you set up and grow your entrepreneurial wealth foundation.

Sabine Messner

Sabine Messner

5D Business Mentor · Visionary Soul Seer · Human Design Catalyst

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