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Why Human Design Is Trending And What This Means For You

Soul Purpose
The Aquarian Age blueprint for the new humanity is here. It’s called Human Design, and it is trending. Everybody is into it, yet most people don’t grasp what it truly means for them. They're getting their reports only to find themselves juggling a lot of information that sounds exotic but ultimately is not furthering their self-actualization.

I get it. A few years ago, I was that person myself. Thoroughly intrigued about Human Design and utterly confused. It was a little bit like trying to learn Algebra by piecing a few calculations together. The math just doesn’t add up. Or like attempting to have a real conversation in Chinese, while you have no clue about their alphabet, grammar, and pronunciation. It makes no sense.

Let’s face it. Human Design is exceptionally complicated, complex, and multi-layered. What’s more – the more you learn, the more complex and layered it gets! I had a feeling it was going to be this way, which is why I resisted studying it in earnest for many years. Finally, I gave in, and today, after hundreds of hours of professional training, studying and practicing giving readings, I’m finally able to crack the code and make some thorough and groundbreaking sense for people. I think Human Design is the coolest thing ever, and I will remain a devoted student for the rest of my life.

You see, Human Design is the first Aquarian Age System that is accelerating human awakening – fast. It helps us remember who we are, why we are here, and how we operate in the world so that we can joyfully create our lives, and thus the world at large. Isn’t this what we all say we want?

It turns out you are designed precisely the way you are so you can execute your life’s purpose to perfection. That simple. That sacred. That powerful. And yes, THAT divine. Nothing is wasted. Everything serves a purpose, which is the ultimate superpower of Human Design: pointing you to where you’re going with your life, and how you’re going to get there with the highest level of fulfillment.

Human Design is not a human-derived system. It has been downloaded from a higher source or intelligence known as “The Voice.” Mysteriously, The Voice synthesizes all five ancient root wisdom schools that we have ever known on this planet:

1. Astrology – The art and science of our planetary influences

2. Kabbalah – The Tree of Life and the infinite spiral dance of the universe

3. I Ching – The 64 hexagrams described in the Book of Changes

4. Chakras – The energy centers powering our physical and electromagnetic bodies

5. DNA Neutrinos – The genetic imprinting and sequencing of consciousness

The reason why I’m so passionate about Human Design is that we have been handed a system that lets us directly evolve our DNA. Imagine, doing your own vibrational precision surgery! You know yourself best – but only if you become aware of your blind spots and can illuminate them. Finally, we’re able to understand, accept, and integrate aspects, fragments, and built-in memories and soul stories on such in-depth and comprehensive levels that this self-empowerment ripples through our genetic inheritance into the past and the future, lifting and liberating entire lineages.

Human Design brings instant realization. But here’s why it really matters – NOW. Earth is at a colossal crossroads. Either we’re going to evolve beyond what has been, or we’re going down like the Titanic. I think we can all agree that we’re out of time to wait for global solutions to occur. The responsibility now lies with each and every individual. Because we’re also expecting massive earth changes – from extreme weather to mass migration, to political unrest and social instability – the question begs:

How will you navigate these monumental existential challenges that lie ahead? How will you positively impact the awakening of the planet? And most importantly, how will you live your happiest and most enchanted life? I believe that when all the people who are currently playing around with Human Design would start living it, humanity would evolve rapidly. We’d all be realizing our unique destinies and having a fantastic time creating productive and meaningful lives, regardless of outer circumstances.

What makes my Human Design Soul Activations different from other readings that you may have already received is that I have a rare gift. This extraordinary gift is, on the one hand, my multidimensional soul sight. I’m not just looking at the Human Design information. My brain sees your different future potentials, timelines, and versions of yourself, including the pitfalls when you’re stuck in your lower frequencies. My gift also contains the ability to communicate this complexity in such a way that you can hear it.

Many Human Design teachers and consultants are excellent at consolidating and conveying information, but that doesn’t necessarily make them gifted readers. The truth is, I am not the best Human Design technician, but I’m a highly intuitive reader, which explains the rave reviews that are the norm in my practice. I always look for the shortcut to help my clients make sense of their design and show them how to immediately apply this wisdom to their life, their relationships, and their business or career.

With my Human Design Soul Activation, you’ll get concrete results.

You will understand precisely how to make clean, clear, and unapologetic decisions – a total game changer. Your world gets tranquil, peaceful, and empowered when you know how to choose correctly and wisely.

You will understand precisely how you perceive the world and how others perceive you. Being able to settle into your true nature versus denying it is another game-changer. Integrating your conscious and unconscious strengths and weaknesses enable you to become more whole and capable. There are so many more benefits and rewards. It’s truly life-changing. So whether or not you’ve already had a Human Design reading in the past, the question I have for you is this:

Do you live your Human Design? Yes or no?

If that’s still a wobbly answer, I invite you to book your Human Design Soul Activation today. And if you’ve never had a Human Design reading before, even better. Allow me to liberate you from your virginity and experience ecstatic insights! Many beautiful adventures are awaiting you once you know how to play the strings of your DNA as if it would be a violin.

“It’s not the fault of the piece of wood when it wakes up one morning as a violin.”
– Arthur Rimbaud

Sabine Messner

Sabine Messner

5D Business Mentor · Visionary Soul Seer · Human Design Catalyst

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