“Co-Creation is the short-cut to Soul fulfillment and success.”

The Art of Co-Creation

When I launched the inaugural Soul Purpose Wealth Retreat back in 2015, it was important to me to understand what it “really” means to co-create. I realized that co-creation is one of the key New Earth principles needed to create Sovereign Partnerships. Yet at the time, nobody I knew had any in-depth experience of how to successfully apply these co-creation principles to contemporary transformational retreats.

You see, co-creation is very different from ordinary collaboration. With co-creation, there is no passive participation. Co-creation is the immensely powerful understanding that we each affect all things at all times. Let that sink in for a moment. Not only does this mean that all participants are co-creators, it also means co-creation is a sacred responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Co-creation is a radically different approach. If you wanted to just come and deliver your talk and not to be wildly curious about your own transformation, the Soul Purpose Wealth Retreat is not for you. All Soul Purpose Wealth Mentors are here to learn, not just to teach. We’re committed to creating lasting relationships on a much deeper level – with ourselves, with each other, with the land, and with Spirit.

We know ourselves. We trust ourselves explicitly and each other. We’re capable. We’re flexible. We are adaptive. We’re self-reliant and we are sovereign. We co-create in the moment. The outcomes of our co-creation are so much more than the sum of our contributions. We take collaboration to a symbiotic, synergistic, and multidimensional level.

In contrast, old paradigm collaboration works like this: I do something, you do something different and we both hope it somehow comes together – which, sadly, in most cases, it doesn’t. Look at our relationships! Where do you see it working out? Oh, and compromising isn’t the solution either.

Take common industry events for example. Every day, different speakers and teachers do and say different things. The event promises that it all “comes together” – yet, we all know it’s often just a speaker fest and more often than not a hodgepodge that’s barely held together. I am interested in experimenting with these co-creation principles for years to come. I believe this is the cutting edge of how we’re truly meant to work together.

Co-creation is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re a retreat participant or a mentor – nobody comes with a pre-written script. You don’t get to control what’s going to happen and vice-versa, you don’t get to be just a by-stander and not take 100% full responsibility at all times, even and especially as a participant.

You get to surrender. You get to improvise. You get to ask for what you want. You get to make it happen. You get to teach and work from your genius zone while expanding your edge and pushing the envelope. And this is how you truly empower and liberate yourself. This is how you RESET.

“Working the energies on multiple levels and dimensions”

Four Supportive Levels of Co-Creation, Transformation, and Integration

Level 1. As the host and the retreat visionary, I’m being supported by various helpers and space holders so I too get to surrender, give up, and give over to the greater and higher aspects of myself as well as to the intelligence of the Soul constellation itself. The Soul Purpose Wealth 2018 Retreat is energetically supported not only by the Gatekeeper herself, Kate Hawk, but also the Native communities who are very excited to be an integral part of this co-creation adventure. This in itself means the world to us. We are humbled and honored.

Level 2. The second level of co-creation consists amongst the so-called Soul Purpose Wealth Mentors who are each leading us through a particular experiential process. They are imparting their wisdom unto us as they are sharing their tools and practices. Each Soul Purpose Wealth Mentor serves as a specific RESET anchor and brings a unique frequency and quality of experience.

Level 3. The retreat requires a lot of physical and emotional ability to process which is why we make sure that we have stellar, hands-on healing support available to the retreat participants. These hands-on healing sessions are highly discounted. However, they’re not included in the cost for the retreat. We even have a Brand Embodiment Photographer to help capture your beautifully transformed and liberated essence!

Level 4. The retreat would simply not be possible without the tireless work from the resort staff. First and foremost, Kate Hawk herself who’s taking great pride and care in making sure everyone’s needs are met. She’s supported by her talented ranch staff who’s setting up the tents, beds, and all the things we need to be comfortable. We are especially grateful to our organic chef and the kitchen helpers who are bringing healthy foods inspired by Native cuisine all the way from local farmers’ markets to The Gateway Ranch for us to enjoy. Keep in mind, there is no dishwasher and all of the dishes are being washed by hands three times a day.

To read more about the mentors, keep scrolling down the page…

“The power of a Soul constellation at the right time and the right place is priceless.”

Meet Sabine Messner, Founder of Soul Purpose Wealth

Sabine Messner is known as the go-to spiritual brander in the expert industry. She helps visionary entrepreneurs align their business with their soul’s purpose so they can have the highest level of fulfillment, freedom and financial rewards.

Sabine’s branding magic is said to be ‘pure medicine’ for people’s souls, businesses as well as their bottom-lines. She takes her clients on multi-dimensional soul-activating journeys that catapult them into the creator-matrix. From there she assists them to strategically anchor and visually express that magnetic soul essence which is the key to their monetary success and liberation.

The result? Deeply aligned and thoroughly resonant expert brands that position leaders for life. Her clients include Jen and Ben Rode, Jeffrey Van Dyk, Tim Kelley, Baeth Davis, and many others.

Sabine is a soul purpose trailblazer in her own right. Having followed her own sacred calling she emigrated from Europe in the mid nineties to launch her dream life and career in the United States.

As a mesmerizing keynote speaker, an international bestselling co-author, an award winning Wired Web pioneer, she catapults her clients to the leading edge of the new paradigm. Blending the Strategic with the Sacred, Sabine has studied extensively with world-renowned teachers at the leading edge of consciousness as well as with Peruvian and Tibetan healers and shamans who are still a secret.

Sabine holds a M.A. in Visual Communication (Magna Cum Laude) from The Berlin University of the Arts. She is the creator of Soul Purpose Branding(R) and Soul Purpose Wealth(TM) and hosts healing wealth activation retreats all over the globe.

Sabine lives blissfully in Paradise Valley Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Leslie Finkel and their soul mate cat-son Mokele.

Meet The Soul Purpose Wealth RESET Mentors

Terryn Barill

Trauma and Ancestral Lineage Clearing
If you want to sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya, Terryn is not your girl. She also disapproves of reliving your trauma over and over again, or wallowing in what is wrong. She is a PTSD and trauma recovery expert because she’s lived it, not because she read about it in a book, and that keeps her focused on things that make an immediate impact on your life and then help you to keep moving forward.
After 15+ years of DoD deployments, Terryn found herself with combat-related PTSD. It took her 10 years to come all the way home. After leaving service, she spent time as an EMT & emergency planner. It was as a 9-11 first responder in NYC that the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.
Terryn began running PTSD programs for veterans and emergency responders in 2001, but it wasn’t long before she was asked to work with a wider audience. She has worked with genocide survivors, cancer survivors, people in deep grief, forced retirees, professional athletes who had career-ending injuries.
Terryn knows what its like to be blindsided by life, to look around and think It wasnt supposed to be like this. She gives you practical tools to re-build a life worth living, even if its not the life you had planned on.

Dr. Pamela Moss

Multi-Dimensional Soul Alignment
A former Ivy League academic and homeschooling mom, Pamela joyfully expresses her true purpose as your Soul Guide. She is on a mission to “Light Up the Lights”​ — to empower, ground, and connect Lightworkers in this time of planetary transition, so that we can together assist the Shift and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Pamela loves to help you, her beloved colleagues, fully access your own inner guidance and systematically remove all your inner blocks, so you can shine your Light shine unapologetically and be the beautiful agent of transformation you were born to be.
The intuitive guidance and deep alignment work that flows through Pamela rapidly transforms lifetimes of subconscious programming, setting clients free to meet their highest potential. Her forthcoming book,“The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest Calling” introduces her Soul Alignment System to the world.
Pamela’s work is also featured in the #1 Mysticism bestseller, “The Vision Board: Secret to an Extraordinary Life”, as well as numerous global telesummits, private art collections across the USA, and sharing the stage with speakers like Lisa Sasevich and John Assaraf of The Secret.

Lynn Ehrhart

Light Warrior Healing Arts
Lynn is known for her warrior spirit and relishes working where others fear to tread. Clients come to her to end their darkest fears, break old curses, and resolve the secrets they’ve never breathed to anyone. They know they can trust her to look without judgment and gracefully hold space as she empowers them to release their darkness and step boldly into the light of their better future. It’s no surprise that this warrior spirit also holds a black belt in Kempo karate.
Having received her training as reader, healer, and teacher at America’s premier psychic school, and with 30 years’ experience, Lynn can resolve issues that may have originated in her client’s forgotten childhood or from the furthest reaches of their past lives.
Her own life experience and after her years of addressing the dark issues of many clients, Lynn has your back throughout the healing journey and would never judge anyone for their created life experience.
As a minister, Lynn’s specialty is initiating people into their newest, most capable version of themselves through the sacrament of baptism, washing away the old and bringing forth more of their light.
Her warrior training has made her realize the importance of psychic armor and she teaches powerful, simple tools to remain safe, stand in your truth, enjoy a harmonious relationship with your body, and become your own greatest advocate.

Meshell Zwicker

Freeing Your Voice
Known as the FireStarter Coach, and Founder of the FireStarter Movement, Meshell Zwicker’s mission is to stop the torment of playing small, by mobilizing your boldest nature, toward tangible, prosperous and inspired action, for your own ecstasy and so your bold example awakens others to do the same.
As a public figure, and evangelist, Meshell has collaborated with famous thought leaders such as Loral Langemeir, “The Millionaire Maker”, Sharon Lechter, of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and Kevin Harrington of TV’s “Shark Tank”. She’s also an Emmy Award winning producer for the KPBS television show “Full Focus”
Meshell is grateful for the family and circumstances she was born into, so her hungry appetite for playful and meaningful self-expression could form in the seeming absence of space for her very nature. She was the middle child of two very sick sisters and an overwhelmed, sensitive-eared Mother. She kept her raucous and lively nature smaller and quieter as it felt inappropriate, while her sisters struggled to breath! This is where her habit of repressing her nature, her knowing and her voice began.
She spent her entire adult life wiggling, cajoling and reassuring her voice, her nature, her boldness and her instincts FREE. She now delivers her Free Your Voice Communication Workshop several times a year, helping everyday freedom seekers and message carriers make the impact they dream of.

Sandy Rueve

Astrological Intention Alchemy
As magic goes, Sandy is able to transform a raw substance into a true talisman. A talisman is a sacred art object that holds the power of a specific time and detailed purpose. As an astrologer,  she keeps her eyes on the movement of the planets and when aligned in perfect accordance with a welcomed and auspicious event, she creates her magic.
Being born on the last day and degree of the zodiac, Sandy easily holds the space, time and energy of the entire year. She can feel and utilize the cosmic force as she embodies as the conduit to instill the current astrological planetary order into the millefiori clay bead.
Her inspiration and talent have allowed her to make magic for her Chicago sports teams especially the Bulls. While in her first career in early 1990’s, Sandy was part of the medical team when Michael Jordan asked her to make him beads….she did. They won again and again. Not to mention the Cubs and Blackhawks winning year more recently.
Sandy has worked alongside the renown Panache Desai, Dr. Joe Dispensa, and Louise Hay. Her personal touch and creative workshops have the attention of Colette Baron-Reid, Sheri Salata, and Ben & Jen Rode. She regularly can be seen at the Celebrate Your Life and Hayhouse events around the country.
Sandy and her daughter/business partner Alexandra travel the world conducting their own branded retreats and co-creating retreats with other world changers.
She welcomes her tribe to tell their Intention story as she follows her Bracelets to manifest the proper vision, attitude and action she hand rolled into her Intention Beads products.

Kate Hawke

Peace Maker and Gateway Keeper
Kate Hawke launched from her roots studying physics in the Midwest onto a lifelong quest to explore Big Questions and be of service. Her journey has led her to the worlds of psychology, Native American education, trauma therapy, plant medicines, shamanic practices, spiritual technologies, and back to physics related to consciousness studies. Along the way she spent three years as a professional gambler in Las Vegas, started the International Energy Psychology Conferences, served as Director of the Native American Trauma Project, and co-founded the STAR School at the edge of the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.
At her home since 1990, the Gateway Ranch, Kate works to create unique, awe-inspiring spaces where people come together for healing, awakening, and empowerment.

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“Get the embodiment support and shift into a higher reality.”

Meet The RESET Speakers

We are very excited to announce that we just added another layer of awareness creation and eye-opening education. We are cross-pollinating leading experts qualified in pointing to trends and undercurrents in our social communities around the structure and use of money, technology, and tribe.

These 20-minute, highly illuminating TED-style talks are designed to laser focus on these trends to bring you real insights and shifts in awareness, along with tangible tips and solutions. Together we explore not only what is possible but also what is likely to happen.

Elisabeth Belknap
Professional Day Trader · Money Manifestor · Financial Intuitive
“A Brief Lecture On The Big Reset in the Global Financial Markets”

On Crypto And The Rise Of The Feminine Currency

Lorenzo Hickey
Serial Entrepreneur · Tech Wizard · Founder of The Shape Shift Company
“Shape Shift Solutions (And Technologies) for New Paradigm Leaders”

How To Link And Create Community in A Scattered World

“Get the embodiment support
and shift into a higher reality.”

Meet The Support Souls and Embodiment Workers

To make sure all the retreat participants get all the personal, emotional and spiritual support, we have amazing body workers, as well as a brand embodiment photographer available on demand. These services are not included in the price of the retreat ticket, however, they’re offering their support at a big discount and are looking forward to enhancing your stay.

Vlad Kukharchuk
Yoga Dance Muse
Vlad’s mission is to uplift people toward their real-life journey. He empowers people to reveal their best qualities and removing any apparent blocks and misbeliefs that conceal their true qualities and abilities. Most of his clients are busy professionals who are tired of being constantly stressed, overworked and overwhelmed, and who are ready to create a bright future for themselves and the generations to come.
At the age of 21, Vlad moved to the US with $300 in his pocket. His goal was to study at HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley. Right before sending the application, something inside of him kept saying, “this is not your path…” He woke up with this feeling every day for two months until he finally decided to change the direction of his adventure and take a step into the unknown… The minute he made that decision he felt light and liberated. He finally realized the meaning of the phrase “follow your heart”. Since then he devoted his life to strengthening that connection between mind and heart through music, yoga, and meditation.
In 2015, Vlad was named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 30 years old by Probusiness, a leading business website in Belarus.

Leslie Finkel
Cellular Trauma Release Practitioner
Leslie Finkel is on a mission to free people from their traumas, pains, and everyday stresses so that they can thrive in their body and enjoy their life to the fullest. Using an ancient Taoist healing science called Chi Nei Tsang, brought to the west by Mantak Chia, Leslie defragments and optimizes people’s bodies on a cellular level. 
He has 20 combined years in the study of various energy modalities pertaining to mind and body. Whether it is relieving chronic pain from accidents and physical injuries, releasing emotional traumas, fears, anxieties, and depression, or eliminating clouded thinking, digestive and hormonal issues, people report astounding results.
Leslie enjoyed a 30+ year career in Information Technology, the last 26 of which he dedicated to the City of Phoenix Police Department where he was in charge of administering all mission-critical systems, such as the Emergency 911 and the Police Records Management that housed all criminal and investigative information. When he recently retired, his legacy was to have helped Phoenix Police serve and protect 1.5M people in the 5th largest city in the United States.
Learn more about Leslie’s services here:
Candace Smith
Brand Embodiment Photographer
Candace Smith is a brand storyteller and essence photographer. Her mission is to help purpose driven leaders to incorporate their inherent power and unique essence in to their visual brand images and use it as a tool for attraction.
Candace is a former model who built a successful career creating characters and hiding her true self for most of a decade.  Since then, she developed a range of skills and techniques to reveal the subtleties of self and bringing them out with ease in a fun and playful way.
She currently works locally with entrepreneurs who are upleveling their online presence and globally with retreat leaders, co-creating transformational experiences that combine her gift of storytelling and her skills as a visionary seer. 
Check out her brand embodiment photo portfolio at her gorgeous website:

Dr. Lisa Kearney
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Lisa Kearney is a Naturopathic Doctor, certified in CPR and FirstAid. In addition, she has taken courses in wilderness medicine. We’re super excited to have her as the residential medic on staff at the RESET retreat. Dr. Lisa will serve amazing healing teas every day – one of her healing passions!

Leita Schiemann
Event Support and Assistant to Sabine
Leita is a KYI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, mother of 3, wife, artist, and flow-er. She is currently exploring the opportunity to become a facilitator of Open Floor Movement Practice which synthesizes the universal wisdom that underlies all movement practices. She wishes to take her deep passion in the healing art of conscious/ecstatic dance and movement around the world.
Leita spent several years in the corporate world as assistant to high level executives and in project management roles, had a calligraphy business, and has been a stay at home Mom for the last 5 years. She has a knack for connecting with others through the heart which has lead her to exploring many dynamic ways in which to expand and open her heart more and more.
Rafael Njaim
Gourmet Chef
Bio to follow

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