A quick summary of who I am and what I do.

I am a Brand & Communication Strategist with over 25 years of experience in technology, finance, health, and expert industries. I hold a Masters in Visual Communication from the Berlin University, where I graduated with magna cum laude. In the summer of 1994, the founders of WIRED Magazine discovered me and the unique skills and talents I bring to the table. They hired me on the spot and sponsored my work visa – a big ordeal for them and a big acknowledgement and lifetime gift for me. The reason why the Creative Art Directors Barbara Kuhr and John Plunkett did this, was because I had created an art installation, including a computer animation that simulated the web before its inception. Clearly, I was ahead of time. That’s how I came to co-design the world’s first online magazine in the nick of time before Netscape 1.0 launched in October 1994. As a pioneering Senior Designer, I continued to collaborate intimately with producers, editors, and engineers for the next years to come. Constantly pushing the envelope, I led dozens of teams to produce daily content, incorporating sensible advertising and eCommerce as the World Wide Web exploded onto the scene.


From 2000-2010, I continued as an independent Brand Strategist, residing in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County and later in Mill Valley, launching countless start-ups, incl. America’s inaugural identity theft resolution provider back in 2002 while working out of my Redwood cottage. We called ourselves Identity Theft 911, now known as CyberScout https://cyberscout.com/. As the Chief Marketing Officer, I worked very closely with the founder and Chairman himself, Adam Levin https://adamlevin.com/. We took a completely novel idea and turned it into an innovative B2B company that is still providing crucial services, now needed more than ever.

In the early 2000ies, the general public hardly understood the web. They had no idea of the cyber risks. In only three short years, we grew from a make-shift start-up with five founding employees, myself included, to a 4-million a year enterprise, employing over 40 people in our Scottsdale headquarter/call center by the end of 2005. During this time, we worked with Federal and State legislators to create critical consumer protection laws as all of the consumer’s financial and private data was moved online.

I collaborated daily with the marketing executives of the largest U.S. and international insurance firms and financial organizations, including StateFarm, Allstate, MetLife, AIG, Allianz, UBS, and many banks and credit unions. The goal was always the same: Raising consumer awareness through education and delivering best-of-class identity theft protection and resolution services.

Since 2010, I have repurposed my brand and business consultancy towards personal branding, focusing on the individual aspirations of industry leaders, influencers, mentors, coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This work has led to my evolutionary Soul Purpose Branding® process.

What always stands out and made me successful in my collaborations:

I bottom line the bigger picture.
I articulate the vision to various audiences, always connecting the dots.
My creativity ignites at the intersection of people’s needs and technology .
I innovate. Once something is turn-key, my work is complete.
Coming from an inventor family, my innate nature is to think out of the box.
I inspire brilliance in everyone around me and always light a creative spark.
I am exceptionally loyal and finish what I start.
I always look for a win-win-win.
I’m humble and have always been interested in meaningful work than shortlived fame.