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Soul Purpose Wealth SEEDS 2015
A Journey Into Prosperity Consciousness

The Retreat Promise

The intention of the inaugural Soul Purpose Wealth SEEDS Retreat was to “seed” the New Wealth Consciousness by facilitating the deepest level of emotional healing to ignite authentic empowerment. Exploring and mending our “brokenness” – emotional, financial, and spiritual – allowing participants to have profound Self-realizations.

The Retreat Overview

The Soul Purpose Wealth SEEDS was the first grand-scale international retreat that I initiated, organized, and co-led together with Reverend Gary Langston, aka Red Bear Who Sees All Worlds and his wife, Carol Rydell, both teacher-trainers of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, an internationally acclaimed campus for contemporary yet Earth-honoring cross-cultural shamanism and founded by don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

I naturally related to their energetic approach to group facilitation through my training with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and his Four Winds Society. Having participated in countless Native American ceremonies, I have seen the power of ritual and how it impacts the trajectory in people’s lives for decades to come. Together we created an epic retreat experience that still to this day reverberates in the lives of the participants.

The Retreat Co-Creators

Our co-facilitation and co-creation extended to include amazing peers and colleagues who stepped into the retreat vision as Soul Purpose Wealth mentors, speakers, and presenters. They were as follows:

Amethyst Wyldfyre, who instantly knew that she needed to be part of the retreat no matter what, even if she had to – quote – “crawl there.” She had a destiny appointment and showed up to the fullest. As a result of her profound transformation, Amethyst Wyldfyre became Emerald Peace Greenforest. This name change encapsulated a multi-generational healing process that was the key to Emerald’s new life and liberation.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese was equally impacted and moved by the healing and recognition she experienced at the retreat. She recently thanked my community and me for having cast a higher purpose and meaning for her that she’s now, five years later, ready to embrace artistically and holistically as she’s rolling out her new brand.

Maribel Jimenez, who initially attended to meditate on her million-dollar business model, realized that what she really wanted was to have another baby. The day she stepped off the plane back at home, she got pregnant and had her wish. Today, Maribel has a beautiful little girl that is the joy of her life and her 7-figure too.

Jeannie Packard was our forth Soul Purpose Wealth mentor who used our retreat to launch her purpose coaching business. She was an embodied role model for the courage, vision, and vulnerability it takes to answer the call and break free from old scarcity conditioning and money wounds.

We also had the privilege to be joined by fellow speakers and event leaders. Amongst them were Sierra and Rono Sullivan, Kathleen Hanagan, Meryl Beck, Meilin Ehlkeand Lisa Dawson, Venus’ former wife, just to name a few.

I wrote an article about the work we did at this immensely initiatory retreat.

A Journey Into Prosperity Consciousness


The Retreat Location

We chose the renowned Blue Spirit Resort, one of the world’s top 10 eco-resorts, located in the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. With its natural yet high-end ambiance and organic cuisine, it was the optimal retreat center for our needs.

Photo credits: Stephen Siemens, Sabine Messner and Rono Sullivan

A Homage To Red Bear Who Sees All Worlds

Gary Langston aka Red Bear Who Sees All Worlds transitioned on a bright Saturday morning in November 2017 with an overflowing heart. Red Bear was one of the few great Medicine Men left who understood how to cross-pollinate everyday Westerners with the pristine wisdom of the Natives. He was a Shamanic counselor, ordained minister, and a Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality. Two near-death experiences led Gary to live his sacred purpose. Called upon by his Northern Cherokee tribe as a Medicine Man, Gary served with respect, honor, and love. He apprenticed within many Native traditions. As a Patchakuti Mesa Tradition master teacher, Gary taught thousands of students from all over the world. Wherever he went, he always created sacred space within people’s hearts. He will always be remembered with the utmost love and respect.

I am forever grateful to Redbear for having initiated me into my stewardship.

"First of all, I adore Sabine. I already have a beautiful relationship with her but we took it even deeper at the Soul Purpose Wealth Retreat as I watched her blossom and step into the powerful work that she was born and designed to bring into the world."
Sabine Messner Client Testimonial Maribel Jimenez
Founder of Your Dream Launch