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Soul Purpose Wealth RESET 2018
The Great Rebalancing · Reset Destination Zero

The Retreat Promise

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic, post-volcanic, barren and alien landscape on sacred grounds in Northern Arizona, the Soul Purpose Wealth RESET Retreat intended to “reset” its participants using the law of polarity so we can be conduits for the light in anticipation of the global planetary reset that is happening starting in 2020.

Fully exposed in an uncompromising and raw nature, yet deliciously nurtured in the exquisite galactic company and fed delicious organic food, RESET participants let go of their inner struggles, conflicts, and denial and surrendered to their core. A radical total-sensory pattern interrupt allows participants to drop out of their old mind prisons into a new and more expanded and interconnected way of being.

Under endless stars in an inky sky, daily agendas and pressures shrink in proportion and “must-haves” and “must-does” fade into the background. Suddenly, sacred, hidden missions surface and what’s really important becomes crystal clear. Out of the connection to something enormous, a new perspective arises. And with it a foreign yet concrete courage and a deep knowing of who you are and why you are here.

The Retreat Overview

We are entering the time of The Great Reset. The Great Reset is a galactic rebalancing of the most monumental scale, and Earth is at its center. The world, as we know it is disappearing, dissolving, dying. This is not a conspiracy theory, nor is it an exaggeration. It is an eyes-wide-open observation. Whether you look at how we do money, work, relationships, food, health, society, religion, cultures, wars, fill-in-the-blank, – all structures are barely holding by their seams.

The time is ripe for a change of guards. Are we the ones we’ve been waiting for? We’ve heralded and prepared for this time, yet, now that it is here, we lightworkers are dragging our feet and second-guessing our powers. After eons fearing for our life whenever we speak our truth, we don’t trust our voice. We hang out at the fringes, thinking and spinning in circles instead of stepping into the ring.

What will it take for us to accept our calling and break our chains? It was time to challenge, confront and stretch our comfort zones. It was time to RESET.

The Retreat Co-Creators

The first 3 Soul Purpose Wealth retreats were one creation set. Each retreat built on the experiences and collective discoveries of the previous one. The RESET retreat was the third and final retreat in this initial series of retreats, though there will be more in the near future. 

The first initiatory SEED retreat in 2015 planted the seeds of the New Earth Prosperity Consciousness. The second, momentum-building ACTIVATE retreat in 2016 brought us into “right relationship” with this new energy protocol. It also showed us the gaps between our words and our actions. With the RESET retreat in May 2018, we preemptively collapsed our old identities to create new space within ourselves for tangible inner and outer peace and prosperity to lead the way.

Having curated all these different retreat experiences, what’s most important to me is to understand what it means to co-create in the moment, and what that looks like. We all recognize that co-creation is one of the core fundamental New Earth principles needed to create successful, sovereign partnerships. Yet, there seems to be a lack of experience in how these co-creation principles apply in everyday business and life. At the Soul Purpose Wealth retreats, we get to experiment together and see how this actually works.

Co-creation is very different from ordinary collaboration. With co-creation, there is no passive participation. Co-creation is the immensely powerful understanding that we each affect all things at all times. Not only does this mean that all participants are co-creators, whether they choose to be silent witnesses or the most engaged person in the room. Co-creation is a sacred responsibility that affects all there is.

Our RESET co-creators were Kate Hawke – Peace maker and Owner of the Gateway Ranch, Terryn Barill – Trauma and Ancestral Lineage Clearing, Dr. Pamela Moss – Multi-Dimensional Soul Alignment, and Lynn Ehrhart – Lightwarrior Arts.

We were magnificently supported by the following bodyworkers: Leslie Finkel – Cellular Trauma Release Practitioner, Vlad Kukharchuk – Yoga Dance Muse, Candace Smith – Brand Embodiment Photographer, and Dr. Lisa Kearney – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Our featured presenters were: Elisabeth Belknap – Feminine Wealth Empowerment, and Lorenzo Hickey – Founder of ShapeShift World. Our organic gourmet chef was Raphael Njaim.

The Retreat Location

Located in the high volcanic desert of Arizona, east of Flagstaff at the southwest corner of the Navajo Reservation, the Gateway Ranch is an entirely off-the-grid facility, providing a rugged yet rich backdrop of reflection between western and native cultures and states of consciousness where heaven meets earth.

Surrounded by an otherworldly, post-apocalyptic landscape, this area is said to have been home to a supervolcano in the ancient past. Barren, blackened and charcoaled by numerous volcanic eruptions and with crater mounts all around, it’s pure and potent with new potential.

Google won’t guide you there. There’s hardly cell phone reception, and the footsteps leading to the ranch are those of jackrabbits and pronghorn. Using outdoors showers and toilets, most participants tented in highly insulated and surprisingly cozy shift pods. Couples stayed in bigger, romantic bell tents, while some remained in the main house.

Off-the-Grid Gourmet Food

One of the things that I’m most proud of is that we provided delicious, organic meals with solar powered electricity and no dishwasher! Plus all foods and supplies had to hauled on long dirt roads to the ranch and back by our own kitchen staff. This was a tremendous joint achievement and yet the full credit goes to our Brazilian celebrity gourmet chef Raphael Njaim who’s normally cooking for 5-star restaurants in Aspen and Los Angeles. Here’s the Soul Purpose Wealth retreat menu he put together:


Fruits, eggs, coffee bulletproof, cheese, butter, almond butter, gluten-free bread, whole grain bread.



Wednesday: Lentils and butternut squash soup, salad.

Thursday: Chicken Salad wrap. Vegan and gluten-free option.

Friday: Veggies, rice, and beans bowl with salsa verde.

Saturday: Soup of the day.



Tuesday: Braised chicken, roasted root vegetables. 

Wednesday: Vegetable risotto, grilled salmon, cantaloupe melon.

Thursday: Gluten-free pesto pasta, Garbanzo stew.

Friday: Quinoa Tabouleh, Steak satay, Vegetable.

Saturday: Veggie coconut curry, basmati rice.

Salads every day.


Photo credits: Candace Smith, Kate Hawk, and Sabine Messner

"Nothing to hold on to except you claiming yourself and exclaiming your presence as a powerful act of existence onto a blank, pristine canvas."

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