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Feminine Wealth Retreat 2019
Financial Empowerment Through Epigenetic Awakening

Feminine Wealth Retreat 2019
Financial Empowerment Through Epigenetic Awakening

Crypto and new investment opportunities for women. Integrated uplevelling through Human Design and Gene Keys. Sensual luxury, sensible travel, and tropical relaxation.

​The Retreat Promise 

The Feminine Wealth Retreat intended to pierce through often unconscious debilitating emotional patterns and outdated beliefs that stifle even the brightest, smartest, and most spirited women. The second intention was to give the women the missing key – their unique access to money via real insider know-how and epigenetic Human Design insights.

The Retreat Overview

When a financial insider gives you the scoop, and a Soul alchemist gives you the inner strength, you know you get a run for your money! With the looming global financial crisis around the corner, retreat co-host Elisabeth Belknap and I decided to empower a few select women to enter the ring. Financially savvy women are crucial for the positive evolution of this planet. Money is the answer that women have been denied for centuries, and are still denying themselves through ignorance and resistance around entering and playing the “money game.”

Since generations, women are “trained to lack.” From self-esteem and confidence to financial savviness and “deservability.” There are tremendous wealth creation opportunities all around that women are not seeing because we’re not taught to look. We still have a long way to go when it comes to financial investments and passive income – two very foreign concepts to the female brain.

At the Feminine Wealth Retreat, we helped participants prepare for the next bust and ideally turn it into a financial uplift for them. By unveiling their unique “Wealth Wiring” using Human Design and Gene Keys, we gave them uniquely customized strategic advice. Every woman who left our retreat viewed herself and the world of money entirely differently, and that was our goal. We turned ingrained money (and power) beliefs upside down and inside out.

Photo credits: Sabine Messner, Anantara Resorts

“The Feminine Wealth Retreat is intense! A powerful activation, expansive, and confronting. A big energetic upgrade!”
Feminine Wealth Retreat Thailand Client Testimonial Lara Waldman
Abundance Coach and Manifestation Expert
The Retreat Co-Creators

For this retreat, I invited private investor and professional day trader Elisabeth Estelle to co-create with me. Elisabeth and I are close friends who know, love and respect each other immensely. While our life journeys led us into almost opposite directions – her into the money world, me into the “starving” artist-world – we have experienced countless identical Soul lessons.

Elisabeth Estelle is on a divine mission to light the way for Feminine Wealth. She took the non-traditional route to Wall Street by trading and investing with sheer relentlessness. After working for Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, and American Express, Elisabeth struck out on her own to create a life of unbridled freedom. She manages multi-million dollar real estate and brokerage portfolios from home on her Arabian Horse Ranch in Wisconsin. Elisabeth has been in the financial industry for 20 years and has a sixth sense for trends, patterns, and money flow. Arabian mustangs are her muses and bribed equestrian judges her motivation.

Our rambunctious yet harmonious chemistry is an exceptionally divine, tantalizing and rare Soul combination. (We are both 3/5 profiles in the Human Design…) That’s why we are looking forward to continuing to cross-pollinate each other’s worlds and dimensions to liberate the wealth and creation potential in the world.

While Elisabeth Estelle and I currently don’t have plans for another Feminine Wealth Retreat, we are open to organizing it for the right female audience.

Please contact us with your suggestions and ideas.


The Retreat Location

We hosted the Feminine Wealth Retreat in Thailand at the exquisite 5-Star Anantara Mai Khao resort, which is decked out with the best amenities, foods, and service. Participants lavished in their own beach villas complete with pool and outdoor bathtubs! The luxury spa resort included a private beach, a lake, and a tropical botanical garden that was out of this world. All of this was deliberately “over the top.” Plus, we topped it off with a charted catamaran excursion.

Feminine Wealth Retreat Thailand Client Testimonial Claire Roche

“Thank you for bringing this retreat through. I am grateful that I was there. Learning more about who I am, and specific money strategies based on who I am was very powerful.

I now have a very different sense of myself, which is hugely impactful and will stay with me deeply going forward.


Founder of Free Your Abundance