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The 2021 Council Retreat Overview

The 2021 Council gave New Paradigm leaders the platform and forum to express and share their highest visions and intentions for the New Earth, along with their concerns and hopes. As everyone shared their resources and their needs, something magical happened. The unified morphogenic field responded and answered all requests.

All Council Gatherings take place in a conscious listening field in direct partnership with Mother Earth and Father Sky. As superb as this may sound, that’s how we set up the energetic grid. That’s why our Council Retreats are mega transformative on collective and individual levels.

As we eclipsed our old identities and stories, the reoccurrence of the Star of Bethlehem and the blueprint of the following Seven Days Of Original Creation led us organically and mysteriously to the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020. As with invisible hands, we were ushered out of the 3rd-dimensional world belief systems with all of its mental constructs, expectations and disappointments, successes and sufferings, and endless projections and deceptions – and placed into the virgin womb of a brand New World.

While it is true that we have always been and will always be the authors of our creation, the Eclipse-Great Conjunction portal of 2020 was the most crucial junction yet to date. To turn to a new page, we had to close the entire old paradigm book of 2000+ years. Astoundingly, we accomplished it.

I will be hosting five more Council Retreats until we reach 2027 and complete the astrological age-shifting eight-year Uranus Taurus transit. I hope you will be part of the next Council gathering!

2021 COUNCIL · Day 1 Co-creator Speaker Topics
Talk Title
Zeda and Sophia
5D Portal Opening! Wow-Life & Business-Flow in(to) the Golden Age
Claudia Conradin
The 5th Dimensional Swiss – Lessons on Healthy Self Governing
Lisa LaJoie
From Victim to Victor – The Completion of Betrayal
Kim Muratori
Return to Love
Lynn Ehrhart
The Proverbial Crash Landing of A California Native in Confederate Tennessee
Sabine Messner
My Epic Journey Through False Light Matrix And Why I Anchor Soul Purpose Wealth FOR REAL
Sandy & Alexandra Rueve
Establishing The New Establishment – Or The Dawn of The New Age – Astrological Transmission
Samuel Schmitt
Multi-Dimensional Predictions For 2021 From A Galactic Marine
Carole Maureen Friesen
Galactic 3D to 5D Embodiment, Enoch Keys,
Nattacia Mantei
An Activist Report From The Front Lines Of The Vaccination Choice Movement in Canada
Arlene Pedersen
Activating Your 5D Super Human Body
Avani & Wouter Shahlenis
Giving Birth to It All in 2021 – Literally!
Mindi & Bryan Ihrke
The Battle of the Soul Mate Gods Or Breaking The Karma Disfunctions
Kay Vogt
Reclaiming Our Embodied Eros – Using our Orgasm to Power our Purpose
Mia Sophia
From Tomb To Womb – My Multidimensional Metamorphosis
Penelope Aelfin
Galactic Conclusions, Rabbit Holes, Worm Holes and TRUE Living Wisdom
Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020
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Bubbly After Glow Inner Child Celebration
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“Yesterday I was clever. I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise. I am changing myself.”
— Rumi