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The Organic Revolution


Carlsbad, California

The 2022 Council Retreat Overview

The reason why I decided to put such a stake to the ground is multifold. In December 2019, I was guided to host the first of eight annual Council meetings during the December Equinox. In eight years from 2019, in the year 2027, we will have concluded the utmost challenging astrological passage of Uranus transversing the House of Taurus, ruled by Venus. This astronomical, galactic, and planetary remodel process is of unprecedented proportions. Known as the Great Awakening of the Milkyway, its ripples effect affects multiverses.

This era has long been prophesized as the Great Reset, the great Overturning. There is a negative Reset (a global, totalitarian AI control system merging GMO humans into an absolute synthetic world) and a positive Reset (a self-governed reemergence of interconnected, galactic HU-MANs). The rulers of the 3rd dimension would rather see everyone and everything go down into their doomsday scenario than give us a fair chance. However, the light has already won in higher dimensions. We just need to step it down and make it through this twisty, windy 4th-dimensional birthing canal. That’s why we have to reverse engineer the future if we don’t want to be caught in history loops and totalitarian backward trends. There will be unbelievable breakdowns on all levels of our society. We will have to summon everything that we have prepared for.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We don’t just have front-row seats watching this glorious evolutionary game play out in front of our multi-dimensional eyes. We also are key players in it. Never again in our lifetime will we have more opportunities to influence our collective and individual timelines directly. By far, the biggest frustrations that the sovereign Star Nations and Galactics have with us humans is the lack of self-governance and a tendency to either idolize or victimize, courtesy of millennia of patriarchy conditioning.

We gather as Council Elders on the organic timeline to bring the puzzle pieces together and strengthen our stance. We know that in coming together alone lies a majestic potential. As we re-MEMBER who are at core level, we reassemble our own vastly fragmented consciousness that has been spread over multiple dimensions, timelines, and possibly even multiverses.

When we GATHER together, this very reassemblance and remembrance is pure gold. Together we have access to the infinite Creator Code and can complete sequences that otherwise would not be able to reinstated. This is where our Galactic Trinity Council hosts come in as anchors and conduits.

For the 2023 Council Retreat, we have installed a Trinity circuitry. We are delighted to welcome our Galactic Timekeeper Tata Jose for the second time in our annual Council gatherings. Tata Jose is a world-renowned expert in the Sixth Sun Cosmology, meaning he has the rare keys to the new Mayan calendar since the old Toltec calendar has ended on 12/21/2012. Tata Jose played a crucial role in the 2021 Council Retreat during the great conjunction.

We are overjoyed to be graced by the magnificent the Galactic Goddess Incarnate, Radha Nilla, who will be in our circle with her amazing mother, Maya Verzonilla, a 4th generation Lemurian Shaman. Radha will support the Council with powerful DNA activations and a journey into the heart of the creator. Following the retreat, there will be a unique Soul story telling opportunity for Council members. 

I myself am the third pillar. My primary function is to facilitate the gathering and to give everyone ample time and space to share their wisdom. My joy lies in the orchestration and synchronization of unique visionaries to celebrate everyone’s individuality and the liberation of our innate golden HU-MAN-ity.

We are joined by exceptional, highest-caliber master teachers and Soul Guides. Each Council member could host their own weekend retreat in their sleep, and it would be magnificent! The Aquarian experiment however, is centered around the question ‘how can I contribute to your creation.’ We are committed to co-creating together and thus producing something exponentially greater than the sum of all participant’s expertise.

That’s the invitation, the premise, and the promise. That’s how our annual Council Retreats are always perfection in motion moment by moment. We are honored to welcome you on board – whether in person or virtually.

"After the 2022 Council, my gaze into the drama of the world shifted. Just knowing that others were witnessing it all with the same clarity, allowed me to align more deeply to a resonance with less static.“
Her Eternal · Sacred Talisman Artist

“Sabine Messner is a POWERHOUSE!”​​

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Sabine and all the incredible people whom she brought together at the 2022 Council Gathering. Sabine made sure every voice was heard and activated leadership in every person that attended the retreat. It’s empowering for all. I highly recommend for anyone who seeks shifts in their personal life to take this opportunity to show up in Sabine’s next gathering.”

CEO of Radhaa Publishing House

Meet Lemurian Elder Maya The Shaman
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Meet Galactic Timekeeper Tata Jose Muñoz
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"The 2022 Council Retreat was inspiring and beautiful."​​

“I highly recommend anyone seeking a rapid-fire transformation to attend Sabine's next event. Thank you for your leadership and dynamism."
Creator of the Infinite Cosmic Records™

"The 2022 Council was epic!"

“An epic that turns into a Cosmic play where we the actors play our daily roles to the fullest. This is my testimony to all the records in existence."
Galactic Mayan Time Keeper

"The 2022 Council Retreat felt like THE most important place to be at this time."

"Sabine did it AGAIN! The Wizzard of Magic brought this group together of galactic amazing Souls fully committed to hold the Frequencies for the New Earth to take birth. Surprisingly, we all felt the Call and knew we just had to be there to bring our Gifts to the Circle, opening up a Portal for the new Frequencies to stabilize on Earth. Sabine holds a beautiful Space for this to unfold. She is powerful, ALWAYS Loving, unassuming, inspiring, wise and able to Flow with the unfolding. I Feel so grateful to Be part of such a powerful Council in a very simple and empowered way. Can't wait for your next adventures, Sabine."
Founder of Divine Feminine Flow

"Deconstructing the old hierarchy - How do I lead amongst leaders?"

"Weeks after the Council, I still feel a deep, lasting sense of Unity while I also have been sitting with discomfort about my own participation. I love leading groups, which I've been doing regularly for years. But how do I enjoy myself in a group of fellow leaders? And how do I let others take the lead without shrinking myself? Important observations and nuggets I take with me as I incorporate new aspects and insights."

“The one who can emancipate himself from the grip of collective psychosis and save at least his own soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming that here is at least one man who has succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.”
— Carl Jung

Photo credits: Pernilla Lilarose, Steve Romania, Radhaa Nilia, Sabine Messner

“Where the realm of freedom of thought and action begin,
the determination of individuals according to generic laws ends.”

—Rudolf Steiner