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Dear Soul Voyagers,

You are receiving this recording because I’m specifically reaching out to you in the hopes that you will step into a synergistic co-creation 5D incubation chamber. Yes and yes. I’m guided to open up a highly curated, finely tuned, synchronistic orchestrated virtual collective with master souls from all over the globe, from all walks of life, and also from various ages and vantage points. I’m called to bring them all together over the course of a couple of weeks so that we can do the following:

First and foremost, collectively cross-pollinate amongst ourselves to help and assist each other to stabilize the field, not per se in your own space but the field in and around of us as we’re going through the 4D birthing canal, the weakness of 4D is the lack of structure and the power of course of 4D is to establish that structure as the new grid/breed is coming online. So this in-between space where we’re really in this sort of funnel together to synchronize, to harmonize, to flock together each with our own individual signature frequency is such a joy.

The way this feels to me is like a symphony where we have 30, 50 different instruments each playing their own tune. None of them in that sense is dependent on another or lacking anything, everyone is coming with their own instrument, with their own voice, with their own super skill, with their own superpower, their own purpose into this collective that together we can create music unlike no place else. This is really the symphony that can only take also place in a time that is full of turbulence, full of upleveling, upregulation, full of yearning, desire opportunity that’s stepping into this vacuum of power creation imagination. And I want to help all of us to fill this vacuum and to bring the volume up and to bring our songs out into the world. So this is what has been coming through as my guidance very strongly over a couple of weeks specifically in March and all the way through April. 

I’ve been simmering with this vision for quite a while and I’m finally able to articulate it. It does some times take me to find the voice as a Manifesting Generator, I’ve put it all together, I’m already engineering the beginning, the middle, as well as the end. But I think you can feel what I’m inviting you to. This 5D incubation container will last 8 weeks, a little less than 2 months with a bonus week or so. Think of it as basically a 2-month journey. Sunday, May 10th is the official start date of this program. It’s called SWITCH and it’s all about like switching out of the mind matrix, the 3D matrix into this different perception which ultimately will lead us to the 5th-dimensional earth. 

It requires not new mindsets because of this whole idea that we need to get out of our mind and get out of our mind programming, and also out of this old relationship around spiritually where we do a lot of talking about spirituality. That’s not what this is about. This program is all about experiential sharing of experiences, experiential knowledge transfer. So it’s very very skill-oriented, it’s practical. It’s experiential. It’s also experimental. It’s creative. It’s dynamic, fun, vivacious, it’s radical. It’s awesome. 

Every week, there will be at least one or two master souls who are stepping into this particular sequence so that we’re creating this sort of spiral sequence that every week is cumulative, it’s a quantum spiral momentum that we’re building as we’re going up this creation vortex. 

The first month is all about the fundamentals, the foundation, the basics of what the skill sets are that required so that we can navigate through the 4D to 5D and beyond. In week 1, we’re getting to know who is part of this group activation and it’s all about Soul Signature Stabilization and Frequency Tune-up. What we will be looking at in week 1 is the discrepancy between the original Soul signature that everybody has which we can see in galactic cosmology, we can see it so many different tools that we look at, and the current expression and blueprint of it. That’s what we will be looking at so that people can create that self awareness of how much discrepancy and how much distortion because we all have distortions simply because we’ve had to operate in artificially slow down gravitational space such as 3D earth. We are sort of coming from different frequencies. This is supported through Human Design, through blueprint Numerology where we’re looking at Soul signature and name numerology. I’m very excited that I have already a master Soul who is part of this collective, Joseph Ghabi. I’m super excited to have him he will help us launch and set the tone, set the frequency. 

Week 2 is all about Soul Navigation and Precision Decision Making. We’re looking for co-creation in that week. I will be bringing to the forefront the Human Design authority and strategy as an incredible tool but we can also include pendulum measurement, other things to be able to support us in intuitive decision making. 

Week 3, we’re looking at the next step which is of course Soul Communication, telepathy, animal communication. I’m super stoke that we have Theta Co-founder Sky O’hear who is part of this group and she has some incredible skills I personally use and she’ll share with us how we can talk to unborn babies, to deceased souls, other beings, plants, using telepathy and Soul communication skills.

Week 4 is all about Soul Sight and Remote Viewing. I will be teaching a class on Remote viewing. I did a workshop with Russel Tak who is working in the 80s for the CIA, really teaching unbelievably remote viewing before there are satellites. That’s quite exciting. We’ll also practice Remote Viewing amongst us as a collective. I’m supported that week by former Marine, Quantum Navigator and Soul Mandala Artist Samuel Schmiddt, known as The Indigo Knight.

So you can see already the flare is reallly fairly large in terms of the different people who are coming. Old souls, master souls, badass souls, elegantly refined souls. It’s all part of this juicy mix sort of the Guardians of The Galaxy. Very dynamic, very fun, very awesome.

That’s basically Month 1 which is all about helping people figure out who they are, and how they can get more in alignment with their core frequency, how they can amp up their frequency, and how they can use their multi-sensory access points to navigate these dynamic, changing times and to make better decisions, to communicate even without technology, through sight, through all the different senses that we have, and to help each other remember that. So picture lots of practice sessions, picture some competition, picture some tests. It will be wonderful. It’s going to be fantastic. 

In month 2, based now on this awesome collective that we have certainly created by then, we’re going to bring it up a notch, and this is where we will ll actually teach a little less by giving skills but lead more by example. This is where I want to showcase role models. Month 2 is all about world builders, 5D wealth creators, 5D couples. This is where I really wanna bring in some amazing people who have created real-world retreats and sanctuaries and temples, that are taking care of the land and the land takes care of them, grit workers, priestesses who are working with the ancient power spots as the grid is also changing, and new ones are filling up. This will be phenomenal.

I’m also sort of inviting everyday sort of 5D urban soul masters. You can create a temple living in an apartment in New York City or in the Ukraine, all over the world what have you. This is where I’m also excited to invite some of my Soul Purpose Wealth and SPB clients who I’ve seen really do that take this creative matrix code that they have received and to really showcase them. We’ll have young souls, young in terms of age, and many of you, if you’re receiving this recording, would fit into Month 2 as a role model, worldbuilder, temple guardian, 

5D matrix creator, 5D power couple, you would just basically do nothing but show up and allow us to experience your frequency, experience your wisdom, whatever you want to share. 

Month 2 is all about letting people what it feels like when a couple is in that sacred union, coupledom, what it feels like when individuals or collectives are in a journey to sovereignty and I’m super excited about that month.

That’s basically what Switch entails. It’s really a platform for teaching, for knowledge transfer, for shared experiences, and lots and lots of frequency uplevelling and role modeling. I know for a fact that so many downloads will be coming in the month of May as May is the world 5D builder month. So even if you are busy which I’m sure you are as a 5D world builder and that’s of course who you are, I would love for you to lend us a little bit of your presence to stabilize the field, to create the structure, to allow others to be inspired by your creations and I promise, I guarantee you I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will find incredible inspirations. Some things, someone, through the symphony of all of us working together in this sacred way will inspire each other in unexpected, unprecedented ways. This is definitely a win-win-win-win, four times win invitation.

What do the logistics look like? I’m making the logistics are very simple.  I’m trying to keep things super simple. Make this as little impact as to what you have “to do” since, in essence, you don’t have to do anything but show up and be yourself which is the future business model, just be yourself, right? What else is there to do than be.

To give you a little bit of context, I’ll be hosting this program membership site and all the technology is taken cared of by us. And I’m offering it at a flat out a cheap deal. This is really something that spirit has guided me to do – to definitely make this the price. Even though I could totally see zeros behind with the value of this, we will be offering it at $555 which to me should make it a no-brainer for me especially with the 2-pay plan. How I envision this to work is that everyone who is a contributor, a 5D mentor, and a teacher within this incubation space is also a promoter so you would do whatever you can to send a least a couple of people who will be participating into the SWITCH program. Of course, you get access to the program for free so you can also participate throughout this practice and/or just dip your feet in once in a while when your inspired whatever works for you. 

You are promoting it and you will be paid a commission of $50 for every person who signs up as a thank you. Obviously, many people will want to work with you in some shape or form. I know some of the people I’m inviting have very powerful certification programs that are $$$$ private mentoring programs at $20K, what have you. So if there are only one or two people that will come out of Switch that will end up working with you, then there’s also an incredible wealth and business creation there for you.

We would also love to receive a backlink commission from you. For every referral that you send us, we’ll send you a commission and for every referral that you get from Switch, we’d also like to receive a commission. This is already how we can create more out of very little initial money exchange, there’s a lot of built-in prosperity potential here. We don’t do this just once. We’re doing a live beta run, we can then as a collective, of co-creators and participants assess how we thought it went, what do we need to improve upon, we can run it again and we can also run it in a way that it becomes a self-study. My idea is that I can throughout the whole year, I will be selling Switch since whatever we will be saying will be relevant and people will continue to flock into this program and if you continue to use your referral links, then you will continue to get paid for your referrals. We will give you banners that you can include in your site, in your program, in your newsletter, however you want to do it. You can continue sending us referrals.

Perhaps later this year, we’ll do another 2-months live, primarily for practice sessions for new people who are coming in so it can expand over the years and support us as we’re going through this 4D funnel. My long term goal with all the people who will be part of this network that I’m blessed to be part of is, of course, to continue to foster and cross-pollinate beautiful, sacred, prosperous relationships. It’s a long term perspective in mind and having said that the turn around is fairly quick here. Today is April 28th and we basically have two weeks to have the docks in our row and all I really need to know from you initially in the next couple of days are:

Are you in?
Do you love this idea?
Do you love this opportunity?
Do you love this innovative way to play together?
What would you like to contribute?

Which week do you see yourself stepping in to help me lift the collective up and bring these teachings to the forefront?
What else inspires you about this?
What motivates you to come on board?

If it’s a yes which I hope it is because I’m not really inviting a lot of people, it’s a few hand-selected people which I also see synergies amongst the people I’m inviting, the next step would be to send me your photo and bio so we can already include on our sales page. Also, let’s have a conversation, get on the phone with me for 30-minutes just to see what wants to come through and what we’re guided to co-create together.

I’m so grateful that divine guidance came through for me. I truly can’t wait to get on the call with you, hear your voice and I’m excited to be on this unbelievable adventure with all of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love.

“Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos .Aenean non turpis vitae ligula tristique sagitt isras varius erat pulvinar eros pretium”

This is Sabine coming to you with an invitation to contribute and participate as a 5D Expert Mentor in a 5D 2-month long program that I’m launching at the beginning of May and will last until the end of June. 

This 5D group program is called Switch and its goal is not to teach in abstract or philosophical terms or energetic terms even about 5D but rather to galvanize or activate a community. My genius really is by far and large is twofold. I am really really extraordinarily effective at bringing a community together of like-minded peers, of high caliber peers and to bring them together into sort of a co-creation circle kind of environment. Secondly, to really go into a practical, applicable sort of experiential group exchange. So for me, it’s not really about teaching what I feel 5D is about because it truly is a very unique experience but to really facilitate an experiential group environment in where we can all learn certain skills and develop certain habits and help each other integrate more and fully activate these higher frequencies that are coming in.

What this means in concrete terms is that over the two months is I will be week-by-week creating practice sessions where we are learning how to do remote viewing, telepathy, animal communication, intuitive decision making, soul sight, soul vision journeys, and also I will use Human Design and Gene Keys activation sequences to tie this all very specifically together to support the individual. Even though I’m planning to have at least 30 people participate in the program, I want to make sure that everybody has the ability to tie this to their unique epigenetic awareness and for that, we will be using Human Design and Gene Keys. 

It’s basically a training camp if you so will. It’s not so much of a teaching program. It’s why I really believe that it will be very complimentary whatever your evolutionary offerings are at this time. And I would imagine that you would be offering something that has to do with the ascension to 5D as we all should. Because we are all on this journey together, one of the big pieces that I feel is super critical for us at the moment is that we need to unify more without losing our individuality. So this premature sort of like losing ourselves in the oneness is not working anymore. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is to really strengthen the individual but still co-creating in a unified environment and that’s really also very much the principle of which I am creating this community. Which is why I don’t want to teach on my own. This is why I want to invite you to contribute, to participate, and to co-facilitate this in whatever way and shape you feel inspired to. 

There are many different ways that we can expand on the traditional joint business venture model. You can promote it, you can participate in it for free, you can bundle it into your group program and these are things that I would love to explore with you and they can differ depending on what a person wants to put in and what a person wants to get outright? So this is part of the 5D principle in action that we don’t have to have a one-size-fits-all blueprint. So I’m reaching out to my all-time favorite guides, friends, mentors, peers, people who I highly love and respect to contribute to SWITCH, and to see how we can cross-pollinate our communities and share the wealth that will come from this using a triple win-win-win approach.

This is basically the invitation and I hope this is resonating with you. I hope you feel inspired to take it to the next step which is scheduling a 30-minute Discovery Session with me on how we will collaborate if you called to be part of it. What could be a unique teaching piece that you can contribute that is also an ideal lean-in perhaps into your own programs which this Switch platform could certainly be, right? There are many things that can come out of it but most and foremost, I do want to just share very practical skills, build community, cross-pollinate community, and bridge over between the different communities that we already have.

So I look forward to hearing from you when you get this email. I can’t wait to explore this further and I wish you an amazing and inspiring week.

Much love to you and we’ll talk soon.

I want to invite you to be a pillar in a 5D group program that will be launched in the first week of May. It’s called SWITCH, and it is a unique community activation that will not be the same without your contribution and possibly even participation!

SWITCH will be unlike other 5D programs on the market. Even if you yourself are offering a “5D-style program,” it will compliment what you are putting out into the world. SWITCH is deliberately priced at only $555 with the intention to get at least 55 people to go through the program.

I created an 11-min long recording, which I attached to the bottom of this email to give you a sense of how this program works and how we can play together.

The most crucial thing in 2020 and 2021 is to create a stable and mutually supportive network amongst 5D equals. Easier said than done. Yet, bringing high caliber peers together in a dynamic and enlivening co-creation environment is my genius zone. I love setting up a sturdy container and then supporting what wants to emerge.

Regarding your partcipation and compensation, there are many ways and models we can explore, depending on how much you want to be involved and what you want to get out of it. For example…

  • You can promote it and receive a commission, whether or not you participate in it.
  • You can participate in it for free and promote it out of support.
  • You can participate in it with a voluntary donation and not promote it. 
  • You can contribute to it and not do anything else.
  • You can bundle SWITCH into your mentoring program.
  • Other ideas?

Regardless of your input, you will get fabulous exposure as we will feature you prominently on the gorgeous sales page with a photo and bio. We will also have a referral link back to your site and program from the membership portal, which means we can all mutually benefit from supporting our shared 5D client base.

Perhaps you can teach some basic stuff about the name numerology? Whatever you think is best.

So, if you’re called to participate, let’s schedule a call! I’ve opened up my calendar this week: 

Thank you so much for considering it, and I can’t wait to hear from you!