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DECEMBER 13 –  18, 2023

Hosted by Sabine Messner




Hosted by Sabine Messner

Welcome To the 2024 Peace and Prosperity Retreat

I’m so glad you found your way here. This is a special once-a-year opportunity and, for some, even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step into a sacred container to fully embody the change you seek outside of yourself in the world. Every year during the winter eclipse, when the veils are the thinnest, a devoted group of Council Souls come together to calibrate, express and release our highest and purest intentions for the New Year into the aether. Our heartfelt prayers, visions, and requests create an amplified echo chamber that the universe simply cannot ignore. Our work has to be taken into the equation.

It’s a thrill to think that the 2024 Council Retreat is already our fifth annual gathering! Stepping into the Council circle assists every member to remember who they are at core level, where they’re coming from, and what matters most as we navigate through these tumultuous times. This assembly work cannot be done alone. 

We all hold crucial pieces to the galactic puzzle across time and space.

Here’s a little backdrop. In December 2019, I was guided to host the first of what will amount to nine Council Retreats held every annual Winter Equinox. In eight years from 2019, in the year 2027, we will have concluded the utmost challenging astrological passage of Uranus traversing the House of Taurus, ruled by Venus. This planetary remodel process of our Milky Way system is of unprecedented astronomical proportions that affect not only this universe. The ripples of our evolutionary story affect the multiverse at large.

This era has long been prophesized as The Great Awakening. As you are well aware of, there is a negative Great Reset (a global, totalitarian AI control system merging GMO humans into an absolute synthetic world) and a positive Grand Reset (a self-governed reemergence of interconnected, galactic HU-MANs). In all reality, they are not polarities but spectrums on the same continuum, which is why they happen concurrently.

The light has already won in higher dimensions. Our job for those of us on the Ascension Path is to bring this light and truth into every aspect of our lives while navigating this twisty, windy 4th-dimensional birthing canal. Easier said than done. We will witness unbelievable breakdowns on all levels of our society while holding space for multidimensional epigenetic DNA breakthroughs. We must reverse-engineer the future repeatedly to avoid getting caught in history loops and backward trends. Instead we unify all our aspects from all time and all space to fully and completely restore our fragmented selves. It takes a village to see this through.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to remember.

With the 2024 Council Retreat, we plan on changing the movie for the better and for good. As it was long foretold, we don’t just have front-row seats for this glorious evolutionary game play out in front of us. We don’t just get to watch the movie. We are the actual key players. We are also the directors, producers, and financiers. Every embodied Soul influences millions of fictional non-player characters over their life time. 

This is why you are called to join us. And this is why the Council Retreats are so profoundly reality-changing. Never again in our lifetimes will we have a greater opportunity to influence our individual and collective timelines intimately and infinitely. We all look forward to being with you in our Sacred Space.

With Love and Devotion,

P.S. Check out the archive pages of our previous Council Retreats:

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2021 – The Great Conjunction Gathering

2022 – The Organic Revolution

2023 – The Golden Roots Activation

Calling On Golden Age Visionaries

The 2024 Council is for Wisdom Keepers to come together and express their highest intentions for Earth. This Council takes place in a conscious listening field in direct partnership with the unified morphogenetic field. The powerful Sedona vortexes are equal Council Members to guide us.

We’re calling on all Ascension Wisdom Keepers who are ready to…

  • RESET your life, your business, and your world to lead with greater purpose
  • EXPAND your horizon, explore your edges, and go on a spiritual adventure
  • RECEIVE a new dream and along with it, the inner knowing and alignment
  • EXPERIENCE the power and magnificence of sacred ceremonies and rituals
  • LEARN spiritual tools to create what truly is in your highest good
  • RAISE your wealth frequency exponentially and manifest money with ease
  • SHIFT your everyday lifestyle and create more health, wealth, joy, and happiness
  • CALL IN more love and support to help you live, enjoy and fulfill your purpose
  • CREATE meaningful alliances with your soul family and have a total blast
  • ALIGN with greater congruency on all levels and in all dimensions

"The 2022 Council Retreat felt like THE most important place to be at this time."

"Sabine did it AGAIN! The Wizard of Magic brought this group together of galactic amazing Souls fully committed to hold the Frequencies for the New Earth to take birth. Surprisingly, we all felt the Call and knew we just had to be there to bring our Gifts to the Circle, opening up a Portal for the new Frequencies to stabilize on Earth. Sabine holds a beautiful Space for this to unfold. She is powerful, ALWAYS Loving, unassuming, inspiring, wise and able to Flow with the unfolding. I Feel so grateful to Be part of such a powerful Council in a very simple and empowered way. Can't wait for your next adventures, Sabine."
Founder of Divine Feminine Flow

"After the 2022 Council, my gaze into the drama of the world shifted."

"Just knowing that others were witnessing it all with the same clarity, allowed me to align more deeply to a resonance with less static.“

Her Eternal · Sacred Talisman Artist

"The 2022 Council Retreat was inspiring and beautiful."​​

“I highly recommend anyone seeking a rapid-fire transformation to attend Sabine's next event. Thank you for your leadership and dynamism."
Creator of the Infinite Cosmic Records™

“Years ago, I saw a new Soul perspective, perhaps our original, unfragmented way of seeing the world through what could be described as “Diamond Consciousness.” Through our higher Diamond Consciousness, we can perceive all aspects, angles, sides, and points of view holistically integrated, holding it equally valid, including fragmented facets of ourselves. I believe this is how we reassemble ourselves multi-dimensionally.”

– Sabine Messner

What To Expect At the 2024 Council Retreat


Ease into Sedona at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the captivating red rock vistas, wander through the charming downtown, and relish the distinctive energy of this place. Settle in comfortably and, if you wish, stock up on essentials from the nearby Whole Foods store, conveniently just 10 minutes away from the resort.


To get acquainted with the mighty lands of Sedona, we offer optional group hikes and Jeep tours to various vortexes and power spots. As the day unfolds, the labyrinth walk sets the stage for our Sacred Space.

An essential highlight of the day includes the opportunity to experience an Unstoppable Healing session with our renowned healer, Leslie Allyn Finkel. His intuitive Chi Nei Tsang healing sessions are designed to release emotional blockages, balance your energy centers, and promote a state of inner harmony and alignment. Leslie's unique healing gifts and intuitive guidance will help you tap into your innate potential. It's the perfect way to open yourself up to receive and manifest your true destiny.

The cost of these optional nature excursions and private healing sessions are not included in the retreat pass. Thursday can also be used for solo activities.


This first day will take us to masculine vortexes where we will spend ample time land ceremonies, contemplation, personal meditation, and quiet time.

Prepare to embark on a profound journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery amidst the magical setting of Sedona's mystical landscapes. During the land ceremonies, you'll engage in soul-stirring rituals that harmonize your energy with the vortexes' spiritual frequencies, offering moments of introspection, healing, and transformation.

Guided by intuitive facilitators, you'll delve into group discussions, meditation sessions, and creative expressions, fostering a collective bond that nurtures personal growth and inner illumination.

As the sun sets over the horizon, day one concludes with an enchanting UFO watch. Sedona, like its sister powerhouse Mt. Shasta, is known for its mystical and celestial phenomena.


Saturday is a deepening by going into the feminine vortex places and continuing our land ceremonies. We're going to have profound realizations and experiences.

One of the biggest takeaways is our Council knowledge exchange! Celebrating our community itself is always a highlight! Sharing, listening, witnessing, and being in a community of like-minded and strong-hearted humans is what it is all about. Continuing with our land ceremonies, Council members share their latest insights, deeply felt wisdom, and personal and professional evolution. A huge asset is building special friendships with other Council members as we enter the most turbulent passage.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17 - Rejuvenation, Healing, and Embodiment

This Sunday is a profound opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing energies of Sedona, to connect deeply with your inner self and fellow Council members, and to align your mind, body, and spirit with your highest potential. As the retreat draws to a close, you'll carry the essence of this transformative experience with you, radiating an aura of growth, healing, and empowerment long after your time in Sedona comes to an end.

Sunday also provides an opportunity for another Unstoppable Healing Session with Leslie Allyn.


Monday is our departure day, though you're welcome to extend your stay as you see fit. I know you will be leaving feeling rejuvenated, enriched, and full of love for the new peaceful and prosperous chapter ahead.

The Golden Age is here now.

What The 2024 COUNCIL Retreat Entails



We have different queen-size studio suites or queen-size one-bedroom suites available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each suite has a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining table. Whether you want to whip up a snack or prepare a quick meal, you’ll have all the tools at your fingertips.

The cozy living room is perfect for lounging after your retreat days. All suites have scenic views and a private balcony or patio that offers a lovely spot to relax and unwind. The bathrooms are designed with a walk-in shower. Wifi is included, as is full access to the resort pools, spa, and gym. 

6 Days, 5 Nights 2024 Council Retreat

DECEMBER 13-18, 2023



Early Bird Special expires 9/9/2023
Only 4 One-Bedroom Suites Left!

Want to request to share a suite? Reach out to Sabine.



We have two fabulous king-size suite available at Sedona’s #1 premiere resort and its sister golf-course resort. Each suite has a fully equipped kitchen with a big fridge, a stove, and a dining room. 

The high-end living room is perfect for lounging after your retreat days. All suites have scenic views and a private balcony or patio that offers a lovely spot to relax and unwind. The bathrooms feature a large bathtub and walk-in shower. Wifi is included, as is full access to the resort pools, spa, and gym. 

The Council Glam Pass is ideal for a couple or an individual wanting to have an upgraded retreat experience.

6 Days, 5 Nights 2024 Council Retreat

DECEMBER 13-18, 2023



Early Bird Special expires 9/9/2023
2 King Suites Left · Perfect for Couples

Want to share the King Suite with a friend?
Update the retreat ticket quantity to 2 




We have different queen-size studio suites available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each suite has a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining table. Whether you want to whip up a snack or prepare a quick meal, you’ll have all the tools at your fingertips.

The cozy living room is perfect for lounging after your retreat days. All suites have scenic views and a private balcony or patio that offers a lovely spot to relax and unwind. The bathrooms are designed with a walk-in shower. Wifi is included, as is full access to the resort pools, spa, and gym. 

6 Days, 5 Nights 2024 Council Retreat

DECEMBER 13-18, 2023

Meet Your 2024 Council Retreat Hosts

Sabine Messner

Soul Family Gatherer · Stargate Navigator 

Sabine Messner is a visionary Futurist and 5D Business Consultant, showing individuals how to enterprise their higher calling. Combining her new paradigm branding approach with her cutting-edge strategic guidance, Sabine turns seemingly ordinary leaders and professionals into extraordinary luminaries who are thriving as sacred stewards and entrepreneurs alike.

On a collective level, Sabine’s work assists in the awakening of humanity and the planet by liberating and anchoring the Prosperity Consciousness locked in the human potential. She believes for peace to prevail, people must become sovereign leaders of their destiny, including freeing themselves financially.

Blending her 30+ years of experience and education in the fields of arts, visual communication, and marketing with her extensive studies of cross-cultural energy modalities, Sabine’s approach is as much enlightening and profoundly empowering as it is down to earth. Sabine holds an M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts and is the founder and creator of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth™.

Tata José Federico Ajpu Muñoz

Galactic Time Keeper · Cosmic Medicine Man

Tata Jose is a Time Keeper, spiritual guide, and ceremonial leader of the Mayan Chor’Ti people. He is the carrier of the 26,000-year cycle calendar known as the Sixth Sun Calendar which started at the turn of the cycle on December 22nd, 2012, and the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529.

He has been dedicated to world peace since 1990 and works with several other peace groups. As Tata Jose says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”. Jose’s mission includes speaking to audiences raising awareness of the Global transformational events coming to Humanity on the Path to 2036 and bringing the Sixth Sun Mayan Calendars schools of thought.

As a Mayan Time Keeper, Tata Jose carries a great responsibility. He knows the mathematics of the future. As such, he knows that the next decade is going to be challenging for humanity. Using the sacred ways of the Mayan traditions, you can use this navigation map to embrace all of who you are – where you come from, where you are NOW, and where you go from here. Learn more at

Leslie Allyn Finkel

Unstoppable Healer · Chi Nei Tsang Quantum Practitioner

Leslie Allyn is on a mission to free people from their traumas, pains, and everyday stresses so that they can thrive in their body and enjoy their life to the fullest. Using an ancient Taoist healing science called Chi Nei Tsang, brought to the west by Mantak Chia, Leslie defragments and optimizes people’s bodies on a cellular level.

Leslie’s purpose is to protect people and help them heal. He enjoyed a 30+ year career in Information Technology, primarily at the City of Phoenix Police where he was in charge of administering all mission-critical systems. He has 20 combined years in the study of various energy modalities pertaining to mind and body.

Whether it is relieving chronic pain from accidents and physical injuries, releasing emotional traumas, fears, anxieties, and depression, or eliminating clouded thinking, digestive and hormonal issues, people report astounding results.

He is the founder and creator of Unstoppable Healing where he leads clients on their journey to profound life and health changes.

Special Council Facilitators

Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

Neesa will facilitate a Divine Masculine land healing vortex ceremony

Dr. Neesa is a Shamanic womb priestess, master healer, visionary channel, and visual artist on the awakening path to a New Earth. She has supported thousands of people as a healing professional and ceremonial guide for the past 30 years, empowering self-awareness, body-mind illumination, and creative spiritual awakening.

She is on a mission to activate Divine Feminine presence and awaken new light codes during these critical evolutionary times, as she supports clients as a body and energy, womb awakening guide, and teacher of her branded painting process called Art as Soul Medicine.™

You can learn more about Dr. Neesa and her offerings at and She co-creates with her clients and evolutionary creative groups both remotely and in person from her home in mystical Mount Shasta.

John Farris

John will open up his stunning Sedona crystal jewelry Trunk Show for us

John Farris, The Crystal Visionary™ as he is known, is pioneering new ways to incorporate high vibrational energies through the use of million-year-old crystals, dancing light reflections, and crystalline components. John’s pendants organically unfold purely from his intuition. He makes no design plans. Each gemstone and crystal is meticulously enrobed with heart-opening, sweet energy to activate vitality and wellness. John’s motivation as an artist is to be of service to the world by creating beauty while uplifting the Soul.

His amulets have since been tested using radionic’s machines and confirmed to possess a self-sustaining vitality rating. Meaning, they are emanating energy from the coils and weaves, amplifying the vibrations from the crystals he chooses for each amulet. Clients routinely comment on the many positive tangible feelings they receive while wearing his pieces along with general sensations of wellness and aliveness.

Lori Tierney

Lori will guide us on a silent walkabout and sacred vision quest meditation
Lori Tierney, IIDA, NCIDQ, a native of Los Angeles, has spent over twenty years in and around Sedona, Arizona, studying Classical Compass Feng Shui, Reiki, Indigenous spiritual practices, local geomancy, and sacred sites. Lori is an Artist, Spiritual Counselor, Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master Energy Healer, a devoted student of Bhakti yoga, and the author of “Cougar Yoga.” Lori is a Centropix Affiliate Executive and avid proponent of the benefits of PEMA frequency technology for personal well-being. She has led spiritual retreats in Sedona, Joshua Tree, Ojai, Kauai, and Maui. 
Having had a near-death experience, Lori walks between the worlds. Her clients include individuals and corporations in government, entertainment, technology, and business. She is currently creating a divination card deck, “Soul Guide Messages,” featuring her original artwork and guided messages from the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels. Their messages for humanity are vital at this critical time of personal and planetary transformation. 

Alana Heim

Alana will facilitate a Cosmic Prosperity Activation

Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, serves as a Cosmic Prosperity Activator guiding you to navigate the energetic currents beneath your work, life, and money, so you naturally flow in the river of infinite prosperity. She uses Human Design, Gene Keys, Neo-Shamanic energy work, Atlantean gifts, and financial expertise to support you with innerstanding yourself, your relationship with money, and your prosperity flow.

After working over fifteen years in the Public Accounting industry, Alana realized her expertise was needed in the unique role of providing financial guidance as it extends beyond the physical aspect of money into the realms of emotional, mental, and spiritual prosperity.

photo_2021-12-17 14.15.22
“Sabine Messner is a POWERHOUSE!”​​ “I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Sabine and all the incredible people whom she brought together at the 2022 Council Gathering. Sabine made sure every voice was heard. She activated empowered leadership in every person who attended the retreat. I highly recommend for anyone who seeks shifts in their personal and professional life to take this opportunity to show up at Sabine’s next gathering.”

CEO of Radhaa Publishing House

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.
It will never fail you.”
– Frank Loyd Wright


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
– Frank Loyd Wright

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