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Soul Purpose Wealth ACTIVATE 2016
The Call For Sovereign Stewardship

Soul Purpose Wealth ACTIVATE 2016
The Call For Sovereign Stewardship
MAY 7-14, 2016

The Retreat Promise

The Soul Purpose Wealth ACTIVATE Retreat intended to develop courageous and authentic leadership while answering the call for Sacred Stewardship. The second intention was to continue to liberate participants from the profoundly inherent self-worth and scarcity programming, which expresses itself through inferiority-superiority projections and latent competition, especially amongst us powerful women. Enter the juicy realm of ego battles, power struggles, and identity polarities. Yes, we actually went “there.”

The Retreat Overview

The ACTIVATE Retreat was another core life-changing retreat. Building on our previous success, we were able to “activate” aka trigger every individual in the constellation, myself included. We had a diverse group of people who were initially in harmony with me as the conduit who brought them together but not necessarily with each other. Right out of the gate, we had vibrant personality clashes and mini cliques.

I’m humbled to say, we were able to facilitate tremendous breakthroughs. Participants who initially held judgments, bonded and became friends. Apparent opponents became allies in self-acceptance and forgiveness, and, most importantly, the sacred recognition of the other as their mirror.

Not only were these inner and outer oppositions necessary. They served both the individual and the collective to return to love, compassion, and unity. From all the retreats I’ve done, this was the most triumphant.

The Retreat Co-Creators
The success of the ACTIVATE retreat was in large part due to the stellar stewardship and the supreme space holding of Andréa Lougheed, a gifted ceremonialist and seasoned workshop facilitator. Andréa created a safe space and provided a loving and neutrally witnessing presence that allowed everyone to see a bigger perspective and to Self-realize, moment by moment. Andréa is passionate about facilitating the return to a sacred relationship to life itself and inspired higher levels of impeccability in everyone, myself included.
The ACTIVATE Soul Purpose Wealth mentors were as follows: Siddiqi Soul Ray, who facilitated daily Prosperity Embodiment with her soulful yoga classes. Master-astrologer Sandy Rueve, who contributed priceless astrological alignment and insights. Nathalie Chapron, who embodied the radiant, sensual and receptive Divine Feminine. And Melissa Hughes, who anchored the millionaire wealth frequency and modeled how to incorporate money into everything we’re creating and offering – unapologetically.

The Retreat Location

We chose the renowned Blue Spirit Resort, one of the world’s top 10 eco-resorts, located in the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. With its natural yet high-end ambiance and organic cuisine, it was the optimal retreat center for our needs.

Photo credits: Sabine Messner