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FEBRUARY 19-23, 2018

The Retreat Promise

The intention of the Life Purpose Leadership retreat was to assist entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next level. Authentic leadership organically emerges when we let our life purpose lead the way. Participants align with a higher calling. In the process, they discover how they can be of more exceptional service to their clients and in the world.

The Retreat Overview

Rarely in my life have I laughed this much for entire days long into the night – mind you, while co-leading a weeklong retreat! Jen and Ben Rode personally invited me to co-facilitate this retreat with Lisa Berkovitz, a well-known mentor in the expert industry. It turned out we were a match made in heaven!

Co-creating with Lisa Berkowitz was deliciously fluid and effortless. Everything was pure flow and trust, grounded in mutual respect and excellency. We knew when to guide and when to surrender and let divine synchronicity take over. Lisa and I created an intimate and interconnected experience using intuition, inspiration, and spontaneity to bring about the highest individual transformation. Participants raved about our retreat, as did the resort owners Jen and Ben, who loved that they could be totally “hands-off” and bask in the high vibes from our group.

The Retreat Location

Synergida is a transformational luxury resort nestled in the Talamanca mountains in Costa Rica and founded by Jen and Ben Rode of the Rode Institute in fall of 2017. The Life Purpose Leadership was the first official week-long retreat to be held at their newly opened center.

Photo credits: Candace Smith

“Sabine is a supremely collaborative, supportive, engaged leader who loves to see everyone rise. Her shamanic gifts, her piercing insights, and her branding mastery are on point. What a joy to co-create with her!”
Sabine Messner Client Testimonial Lisa Berkovitz
Founder of Soul Attunement Coaching and Retreats