May 14 – 19, 2019 · Painted Desert, Arizona

Time to walk in beauty.

The retreat promise in a nutshell: creating inner and outer harmony. We call it Walking in Beauty. Why Beauty you may ask? Isn’t this a bit frivolous or superficial? To the contrary, it is not.

Beauty is the mathematical code and vibrational blueprint for congruency. Beauty is congruency. Congruency is the key to the world we wish to live in. A world that is returning to harmony. Congruency is harmony. Congruency is health. Congruency is balance. Congruency leads to prosperity and thus to peace.

Beauty is also vibrancy and creativity. Beauty is truth and it is integrity. It’s a higher governing universal principle that has long been lost in the world. Beauty also connects us with nature and all sentient beings. It brings us into unison with all that is.

The mandate to walk in beauty becomes even more crucial in a world that is falling apart at its seams. We may not have the luxury to rely on harmonious environments at all times so we can remain in balance. We may have to practice and train how to re-create and install harmony on demand so we can bring it to people and places of distress, simply by our sheer presence. By attuning ourselves to beauty, we raise our vibration and restore ourselves and the world we live in.

We hold Harmony within. We make Peace within. We make room for Grace.

We walk in Beauty.

We believe this is the most courageous and most necessary act we can do for ourselves and others at this crucial time. It is our job to bring these higher qualities, frequencies, and virtues out from within ourselves if we want to live in a world that is filled with harmony, peace, and prosperity. Now more than ever, as within so without.

It’ time to restore the Beauty codes. This we cannot do alone. This we must do in sacred communion.

This is the call to Walk In Beauty. Will you answer it?

Join us for six soul-shifting days of harmonizing, balancing, and integrating yourself in the sacred, pure and powerful Arizona desert

Are you called to be at STAR SEED?

Are you a Star Seed or lightworker who is ready to…

  • Reset your life, your business, and your world to lead with greater purpose

  • Expand your horizon, explore your edges, and go on a spiritual adventure

  • Receive a new dream and along with it, the inner knowing and alignment

  • Experience the power and magnificence of sacred ceremonies and rituals

  • Learn spiritual tools to create what truly is in your highest good

  • Raise your wealth frequency exponentially and manifest money with ease

  • Shift your everyday lifestyle and create more health, wealth, joy and happiness

  • Call in your Beloved to help you live, enjoy and fulfill your purpose

  • Create meaningful alliances with your soul family and have a total blast

  • Align with greater congruency on all levels and in all dimensions

Join our amazing lightworker community!

Why should you attend STAR SEED?

1. You’re ready to shapeshift your world.

You’re ready to shed, release and let go. And you’d like exquisite support to help you shift your focus, shift into higher gears, and most importantly shift your mindset so you get to where you really want to be.

3. You’re ready to unlock hidden powers.

Your soul’s calling is loud and you can no longer ignore it. But there’s also something that’s still unexpressed. A deeper, hidden mystery that wants to be integrated. You yearn for deeper integration of your own essence so you can embody it all.

5. You’re ready for more synchronicity.

Guidance is pouring in like crazy. You are being activated as a divine channel and you know it. Yet, you’re still unsure how to use this higher information to navigate your life , reinvention your business and help others do the same.

7. You want to have an influential voice.

You know that you have something special to share and are ready to dissolve self-judgment and visibility barriers once and for all.

2. You’re ready to uplevel your wealth. 

You’re sick and tired of working too hard for “not enough”. You’re ready to break through the prosperity glass ceiling once and for all, and make an exponential shift into a higher wealth frequency and greater alignment.

4. You want greater financial freedom.

You’re ready to be paid for your fulfilling your purpose while you uplevel your lifestyle. You hold the blueprint for new solutions and you are ready to monitize them and bring them out into the world.

6. You’re ready for more love in your life.

You’re done doing it all on your own. You’re ready to call on your beloved to create a richer, happier bond with your partner. You’re ready to have it all and have your soulmates come to you synergistically.

8. You need a new vision for your business.

With all the shifts in the world as well as the marketplace, you know it’s time for a reinvention. You’re ready for the clarity, purpose, and message to continue to be a pioneer in your field.

Return to beauty.